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2017-2018 Graduate Courses (On-Campus Students)

Fall 2017
ALS 5155 Global Agroecosystems Rowland & Wood
SWS 5050 Soils for Environmental Professionals O'Connor
SWS 5050L Soils for Environmental Professionals Lab Bonczek
SWS 5182 Earth System Analysis | Video Overview Gerber
SWS 5208 Sustainable Agricultural & Urban Land Management *Web-Based* Video Overview Hochmuth
SWS 5234 Environmental Soil, Water, and Land Use | Video Overview Bacon
SWS 5248 Wetlands and Water Quality | Video Overview Clark
SWS 5305C Soil Microbial Ecology| Video Overview Ogram
SWS 5406 Soil and Water Chemistry O'Connor & Judy
SWS 5721C GIS in Land and Resource Management | Video Overview Grunwald
SWS 6448 Biogeochemistry of Wetlands & Aquatic Sytems K.S. Inglett & K.R. Reddy
SWS 6456 Advanced Bigeochemistry P. Inglett
SWS 6920 Journal Colloquim in Biogeochemsitry K.S. Inglett & P. Inglett
SWS 6931 Seminar Harris
SWS 6932 Forest and Soil Ecosystems Services *Web-Based* Enloe
SWS 6932 Landscape Hydrology Jawitz
SWS 6932 Math for Environmental Professionals *Web-Based* K.S. Inglett
SWS 6932 Scientific Writing for Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Students | Video Overview Nair
SWS 6932 Water, Wetlands & Watersheds Seminar | Video Overview Clark
SWS 6905 Special Problems Contact Advisor 
SWS 6910 Supervised Research Contact Advisor
SWS 6940 Supervised Teaching Contact Advisor 
SWS 6971 Master's Research Contact Advisor 
SWS 7979 Advanced Research Contact Advisor 
SWS 7980 Doctoral Research Contact Advisor 
Spring 2018


Summer 2018