Undergraduate Programs

Director of Undergraduate Programs: James Bonczek (bonczek@ufl.edu)

The Soil and Water Science Department (SWSD) provides training to undergraduate students interested in managing our land and water resources in a wide range of ecosystems including agricultural, forested, range, urban, and wetland ecosystems through three different degree programs as noted below. Specializations within these degree programs are designed to give the student a strong background in Soil and Water Science with a core of required courses during their Junior and Senior years. Beyond the core courses, students can select from groups of electives to provide flexibility in their program.

Electives within each of the options are chosen with the aid of the student's adviser. The student is encouraged to take electives from a range of courses that include but not limited to: biology, botany, building construction, business, chemistry, earth science, economics, environmental science, geology, geography, hydrology, mathematics, physics, plant science, policy, production systems, geographic information systems, urban and regional planning, and statistics.

Jared Sweat
Jared Sweat, a current SWS undergraduate working in the field with a team of researchers.