Projects (last updated 2/2012)


Development of a Geospatial Soil-Crop Inference Engine for Smallholder Farmers (India)

NSF-funded project (EAGER Program)


Global / Continental Digital Soil Mapping - Soil Carbon Modeling Along Ecological, Climatic, and Biotic Trajectories


U.S. Soil Carbon Assessment


Pinemap: Integrating Research, Education and Extension for Enhancing Southern Pine Climate Change
Mapping the future of southern pine management in a changing world


Assessment of Climate Regulation, Carbon Sequestration and Nutrient Cycling Ecosystem Services Impacted by Multiple Stressors
Rapid Assessment and Trajectory Modeling of Changes in Soil Carbon Across a Southeastern Landscape (Florida)


Core project of the North American Carbon Program




Multi-scaling Behavior of Carbon Across Various Spatial and Temporal Scales




Soil Resource Data Bank (Soil DB) Florida



Terrestrial Carbon Information System (Terra C)


Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy to Quantify and Predict Soil Carbon Content in Agricultural Soils in Hawai'i
Assessment of Soil Carbon Storage Using Analytical and Spectral Methods (bioenergy crop - TX)
Opportunities for Greenhouse Gas Reduction by Forestry and Agriculture in Florida
Linking Terrestrial Nutrients to Red Tide Incidences in the Tampa Bay
Remote Sensing Supported Digital Soil Mapping in South Florida (Water Conservation Areas, Everglades)
Implementation and Verification for BMPs for Reducing Phosphorus Loading in the Everglades Agricultural Area


U.S. India Agricultural Knowledge Initiative: E-Learning and Capacity Building (Water Management)
Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) - EcoLearnIT
Object-Oriented Modeling System (Modeling of Phosphorus Transport - Sugarcane)
Linking Experimental and Soil Spectral Sensing for Prediction of Soil Carbon Pools and Carbon Sequestration at the Landscape Scale (Santa Fe River Watershed)
Baseline Characterization of Pilot Stormwater Treatment Areas (STAs) in the Lake Okeechobee Watershed (Taylor Creek STA)
Rapid Assessment of Restoration Performance Measures at Multiple Scales in the Greater Everglades Using Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy
GIS-Based Spatial Analysis of Movement of Silverleaf Whitefly and Begomovirus
Soil Mapping and Geospatial Analysis in the Greater Everglades
Soil and Environmental GIS Data to Support ETDM -  Florida Soil Characterization Project
Florida's Wetlands WebGIS
Space-Time Modeling of Water Table Dynamics in a  Flatwood Landscape in Florida
Geo-Temporal Estimation and Visualization of Nitrogen and Other Soil Properties in a Mixed-Use Watershed (Santa Fe River Watershed, Florida)
Phosphorus Retention and Storage by Isolated and Constructed Wetlands in the Lake Okeechobee Basin
Spatial Modeling of Nitrogen Emissions from Poultry Operations and their Influence on Pitch Canker in Pinus Elliottii
Implementation and Growers Evaluation of a Web-Based Nutrient Management Plan Support (NUMAPS) System for Florida Crops
Inventory of Physico-Chemical Soil Properties and Spatial Pattern Analyses in the Everglades Ecosystem
Development of 3D Soil-Landscape Models in Florida
3D Reconstruction and Scientific Visualization of Soil-Landscapes (WI and OH)
Profile Cone Penetrometer (PCP) Applications
GIS-Based Water Quality Modeling with SWAT
GIS-Based Simulations of Non-Point Source Pollution Using AGNPSm Model