Open Learning

Open learning is an approach to learning that gives students flexibility and choice over what, when, at what pace, where, and how they learn, commonly using distance education and educational technology.

The EcoLearnIT Reusable Learning Object System facilitates open learning.


Dr. Grunwald participates in the Open Agricultural Curriculum and Learning Initiative (AgroCuri) to develop an Agroecology curriculum implemented in form of learning objects. AgroCuri is an international consortium of scientists/instructors from various universities and Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) centers (U.S., Europe, south-east Asia, and Africa). AgroCuri aims to develop a global repository for comprehensive learning materials on food and agriculture. 

She is member of the International Agricultural Learning Repositories Task Force (AgLR-TF), which provides guidance, standards, technologies, tools, and recommendations for development of digital repositories of e-learning materials around the globe (global consortium) (2/2008 – present)