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Welcome to the Environmental Hydrology Laboratory (EHL), a research unit within the Soil and Water Science Department at the University of Florida.

The EHL promotes teaching, research, and outreach activities related to hydrologic processes. The motivation of the EHL is grounded in the sustainability of water resources. We emphasize both water security for human use and protection of natural systems. We support minimizing and remediating human impacts on hydrologic ecosystems.

Our teaching and research is focused in three major areas:

  (1) sustainability of water resources for urban and agricultural users,
  (2) coupled hydrologic and biogeochemical cycles in wetlands and watersheds, and
  (3) protection of groundwater quality, including remediation of contaminated sites.

James W. Jawitz

Thank you for visiting us.

James W. Jawitz
Professor, Environmental Hydrology
Soil and Water Science Department



   Well qualified applicants for PhD studies in water resource sustainability are strongly encouraged to apply. [NY Times: Water scientists in demand]


   Nutrient loads exported from watersheds: From the Mississippi to the Kissimmee [Watersheds]

   Human impacts on the coastal dune lakes of Florida [Watersheds]

   Urban water security for the largest cities in Africa [Water Resource Sustainability]

   Assessing the benefits of partial removal of aquifer contaminant source zones [Groundwater]

   Hydrology of the Everglades ridge and slough landscape [Wetlands]


   CWR 6537 Subsurface Contaminant Hydrology   Fall of Even Years

   SWS 4245/5246 Water Resource Sustainability   Every Spring


Jawitz was the key hydrology expert in the high-profile 2011 murder trial of Casey Anthony [news story]

Jawitz awarded 2011-2013 University of Florida Research Foundation Professorship

PhD student Julie Padowski is the 2010-2011 National Water Research Institute Ronald B. Linsky Fellow for Outstanding Water Research for her ongoing study of urban water vulnerability. Her research was featured in IFAS Impact Magazine.

Recent and upcoming presentations

8 December 2011, San Francisco, California, American Geophysical Union: “Stationarity and inequality from the Mississippi to the Kissimmee: Climatic control of temporal patterns in catchment discharge and solute export”

24 October 2011, Marathopolis, Greece, Wetland Ecohydrology Workshop: “Inequality and stationarity in catchment discharge and load”

31 August 2011, Okeechobee, Florida, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services:
“Isolated wetland hydrology: Water and P budgets”
“Permeable reactive barriers for passive management of phosphorus in the Lake Okeechobee Basin”

24 August 2011, Beijing, China, International Association of Landscape Ecology: “Export of solutes from watersheds: Stationarity and inequality from the Mississippi to the Kissimmee”

26 May 2011, San Diego, California, US Navy: “Embracing mass flux and mass discharge to enhance groundwater plume management”

4 May 2011, Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm University: “Hydrologic inequality: From flows and loads to urban water supply”

13 April 2011, Gainesville, Florida, UF Graduate School: “Five tips for preparing for your PhD defense”

7 April 2011, Gainesville, Florida, UF Student Chapter of American Water Resources Association: “Witness for the prosecution: Can hydrology help solve a murder?”

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