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SWS6323 Advanced Microbial Ecology
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SWS4303/5305 Soil Microbial Ecology
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Our research program is broadly focused towards analysis of the ways that soil microbial communities adapt to exposure to human impacts on a molecular level. We work with wetlands biogeochemists, statisticians, pedologists, genomic specialists, and landscape ecologists on an array of projects, most of which involve analysis of the response of microbial community composition and activities to anthropogenic impacts. Current projects include analysis of the response of methanogenic communities to nutrient pollution and the biological degradation of persistent chlorinated organic pesticides such as DDT in soils. Our work is funded by the National Science Foundation, the US Air Force, and various state agencies.

Current Research Projects:

Shifting Pathways Toward Methane in Nutrient Impacted Tropical and Sub-tropical Wetlands
Decomposition of Organochlorine Pesticides

Fate and Effects of Nanoscale Materials in Aquatic Ecosystems

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