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ALS3133 Agriculture & Environmental Quality


Professor Emeritus
  Soil Physics and Hydrology
(352) 294-3106


About the Course

The course will focus on the understanding of transport processes for water and solutes in the soil. Important soil properties (physical, chemical, and biological) which influence transport processes will be characterized in the field and laboratory. Field and laboratory experiments will be designed to exemplify theoretical principles and measurements that yield quantitative results important to transport processes in soils. Data from the experiments or literature will be simulated with appropriate process oriented models.

The laboratory experiments will be conducted in order to illustrate and test theoretical principles and also to develop research orientation which provides basic experience with physical measurements that yield quantitative results of important transfer processes in the vadose-zone. Each experiment will be accompanied by theoretical development in sufficient detail to provide a clear understanding of the methods to be used, the calculations required, and the significance of the final results. Data from the experiments will be simulated with appropriate models that either exist in the literature or developed specifically for the course. All students in the course are expected to be computer literate. Guidelines for writing laboratory reports are outlined in the laboratory manual or in the lab assignment. Distance Education students will be provided with the data collected in the labs by on-campus students.

Credits: 3
Semesters Offered: Fall
Prerequisites: SWS 5050, CHM 2040, PHY 2004, MAC 2312

TextbookEnvironmental Soil Physics, by Daniel Hillel, 1998. Academic Press, Inc. San Diego, California.