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Theses and Dissertations

To view theses and dissertations from the Department of Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences, visit the UF Libraries Theses and Dissertations by Department page and scroll down to Soil and Water Science (which displays theses and dissertations from 1993 to the present) or Soil Science (which displays thesis and dissertations from 1924-1992).

Technical Papers

  • 2023
    • Coming Soon
      M.S. Technical Paper: Coming Soon
      Advisor: Coming Soon
    • Coming Soon
      M.S. Technical Paper: Coming Soon
      Advisor: Coming Soon
  • 2022
    • Kevin Easton
      M.S. Technical Paper: Testing The Development of a Simple Equation to Predict Changes in Stream Flow from Changes In Land Cover
      Advisor: Dr. Smidt
    • Daniel Gorsten Schunemann
      M.S. Technical Paper: Earth System Feedbacks Highlighting Savanna Ecosystems
      Advisor: Dr. Stefan Gerber
    • Luke Harlow
      M.S. Technical Paper: Pasture Decline in the Southeast United States
      Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Mackowiak
    • Kaitlyn Kleinatland
      M.S. Technical Paper: Bacteria Abundance in Urban and Rural Watersheds that lead to the Northern Gulf of Mexico
      Advisor: Dr. Matthew Deitch
    • Robert Mason
      M.S. Technical Paper: Fire's Effects on Soil and Water Quality of Traditionally Longleaf Pine Dominated Watersheds: A Holitsic Review
      Advisor: Dr. Matthew Deitch
    • Mark Tancig - 1st Paper & Mark Tancig - 2nd Paper
      M.S. Technical Paper: Use of Raw Products Obtained From Hemp: Fiber, Seed, and Cannabinoids & Industrial Hemp in the United States: Definition and History
      Advisor: Dr. P. Chris Wilson
    • Chad Raimer
      M.S. Technical Paper: Ecological Management: Terminology and Contentious Situations
      Advisor: Dr. Reynolds
    • Samantha Steffen
      M.S. Technical Paper: Constructed Wastewater Wetland Systems and The Importance of Plant Communities
      Advisor: Dr. Reynolds
    • Neetika Thakur
      M.S. Technical Paper: Role of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Ameliorating Drought Stress To Plants
      Advisor: Dr. Liao
    • Ben Tubbs
      M.S. Technical Paper: Nutrient Management and BMP efficiency of Center Pivot Crop Rotations
      Advisor: Dr. Sharma
  • 2021
    • Talia Ayala
      M.S. Technical Paper: Sources and Impacts of Nutrient Pollution on Coastal Ecosystems
      Advisor: Dr. Laura Reynolds
    • Cassandra Bonds
      M.S. Technical Paper: Soil Fertility Trends of Florida
      Advisor: Dr. Rao Mylavarapu
    • John Hamilton IV
      M.S. Technical Paper: Pilot Quantification of The Effects of Wave Action on Eastern Oyster Reefs in the Matanzas River Portion of the Northern Coastal Basin of Florida
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Erin Josephitis
      M.S. Technical Paper: A GIS Approach to Predict Low and Extreme Sea Level Rise Scenarios In Florida By 2100
      Advisor: Dr. Mary Lusk
    • Christine Miller
      M.S. Technical Paper: Sources and Human Health Effects of Arsenic in Urban Soils
      Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Judy 
    • Kaitlyn Newsome
      M.S. Technical Paper: Historical Pollution and Factors Influencing Pyrodinium Bahamense Algal Blooms in the Tampa Bay
      Advisor: Dr. P. Chris Wilson
    • Hugh Bruce Webb
      M.S. Technical Paper: Hyporheic Exchange as Part of Stream Restoration In Florida
      Advisor: Dr. Sam Smidt
  • 2020
    • Timothy Beach
      M.S. Technical Paper: Protecting Water Quality of the Ichetucknee Springs in Florida
      Advisor: Dr. Yuncong Li
    • Christina Carr
      M.S. Technical Paper: Aquifer Recharge Well Site Suitability Mapping
      Advisor: Dr. Matthew Deitch
    • Qinghong Cui
      M.S. Technical Paper: Cadmium Accumulation in Asparagus and Potential Driving Factors 
      Advisor: Dr. Yang Lin & Dr. Jonathan Judy
    • Daniel Fahr
      M.S. Technical Paper: Influence of Water Resource Recovery Facility Effluent of the Presence of Selected Organic Contaminants in the Reedy River, South Carolina 
      Advisor: Dr. P. Chris Wilson
    • Joseph Molenda
      M.S. Technical Paper: An Investigation of Options to Improve Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure in the Alligator Creek Watershed 
      Advisor: Dr. Mary Lusk
    • Benjamin Moose
      M.S. Technical Paper: Per and Polyfluoroallkyl Substances (PFAS) in Groundwater and Soil: A Review 
      Advisor: Dr. Mark Clark 
    • Jennifer Trevis
      M.S. Technical Paper: Glyphosate and its Effects on Bee Gut Microbiomes and Bee Decline
      Advisor: Dr. Hui-Ling "Sunny" Liao
    • Sainfort Vital
      M.S. Technical Paper: Comparing the Effects of Summer Cover Crop Monocultures and Mixture on an Organic Vegetable Rotation in Florida   
      Advisor: Dr. Gabriel Maltais-Landry 
  • 2019
    • Juhi Chaudhary
      M.S. Technical Paper: Application of Reclaimed Water for Irrigation: A Review
      Advisor: Dr. Mark Clark
    • Emma Fain
      M.S. Technical Paper: Potential Microbial Community Impacts from Increased Use and Application Dose of Glyphosate
      Advisor: Dr. Sarah Strauss
    • Kelsey Krueger
      M.S. Technical Paper: Beaver, A Natural Solution to Urban Stream Restoration
      Advisor: Dr. Ashley Smyth
    • Kelly Mahan-Percivall
      M.S. Technical Paper: Alginate/Glomalin Biobeads: A Determination of Structural Cohesivity, Nutrient Remediation Ability, and Reapplication Viability
      Advisor: Dr. Jehangir Bhadha
    • Kyle Richards
      M.S. Technical Paper: Seed Treatments: Assessing Efficacy, Safety, and Innovations in Crop Protection
      Advisor: Dr. Jehangir Bhadha
    • Nicole Salvatico
      M.S. Technical Paper: Fire and Soil in Florida: A Review
      Advisor: Dr. Patrick Inglett
    • Jennifer Shirley
      M.S. Technical Paper: Sustainable Highway Turf for Florida and Southeastern United States Soils
      Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Mackowiak
    • Sarah Stover
      M.S. Technical Paper: Subaqueous Soils: An Overview
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright
  • 2018
    • Kenton Beal
      M.S. Technical Paper: Effectiveness and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Agricultural Conservation Buffer BMPs to Address Water Quality: A Literature-Based Study
      Advisor: Dr. Mark Clark
    • Jonathan Diller
      M.S. Technical Paper: An Analysis of Pollutant Removal Performance of Stormwater Wetland Basins in the International BMP Database
      Advisor: Dr. Samira Daroub
    • Kristi Dobra
      M.S. Technical Paper: Wastewater-borne Contaminants of Emerging Concern: Challenges and Opportunities in Evaluating and Protecting Ecosystem Health
      Advisor: Dr. Gurpal Toor
    • Jay Gilbert
      M.S. Technical Paper: Comparison of Trace Metals in Coastal Sediments Located Near Urban and Protected Areas
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Cassie Henegar
      M.S. Technical Paper: Implications and Remediation Efforts for Uranium and Mercury Contaminated Soils and Water at the Y-12 Site on the Oak Ridge Reservation in Oak Ridge, TN
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright
    • Excy Herrera
      M.S. Technical Paper: Environmental Factors Affecting GHG Dynamics in Urban and Forested Soils
      Advisor: Dr. A.J. Reisinger
    • Mark Hinz
      M.S. Technical Paper: Impact of Irrigation Drainage Tile on Nutrient Loading in the Tri-County Agricultural Area, Northeast Florida
      Advisor: Dr. Mark Clark
    • Gabrielle Lawson
      M.S. Technical Paper: Sediment in Reservoirs
      Advisor: Dr. Ann Wilkie
    • Daniel Lippi
      M.S. Technical Paper: The Consequences of Regulated Trimming and Hurricane Stressors on Secondary Growth, Wound Wood Production, and Chlorophyll Content of Black mangroves (Avicennia germinans)
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Sara Liu & Sara Liu
      M.S. Technical Paper: History and Interpretation of Soil Enzyme Activity & Methods for Measuring Hydrolase and Phenol Oxide Activity
      Advisor: Dr. P. Inglett
    • Kaitlyn Mroczka
      M.S. Technical Paper: Mechanisms Behind Salt Water Induced Peat Collapse: Exploring New Techniques for Measuring Changes in Organic Soil Stability
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Jeffrey Ragucci
      M.S. Technical Paper: Overview of Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) and TVA Kingston Case Study
      Advisor: Dr. Lena Ma
    • Natasha Rodriguez
      M.S. Technical Paper: San Diego River Nitrate and Phosphate Trend Analysis
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Melissa Savoy
      M.S. Technical Paper: Erosion and Saltwater Intrusion Impacts to the Wetlands and Shoreline in the Louisiana Gulf Coast Region
      Advisor: Dr. Mark Clark
    • Jessica Sharpe
      M.S. Technical Paper: Interactions Between Nonpolar Compounds and Soil Organic Carbon Under Low Redox Potentials: Implications for Bioavailability 
      Advisor: Dr. Andrew Ogram
    • Taylor Smith
      M.S. Technical Paper: Vegetation and Metal Impacts on Soil Phosphorus Forms in Stormwater Treatment Area 2, Florida
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright
    • Alexandra Waldon
      M.S. Technical Paper: Hydrocarbon Bioremediation in Constructed Wetlands
      Advisor: Dr. Kanika Sharma Inglett
  • 2017
    • Noha Abdel-Mottaleb
      M.S. Technical Paper: Potential Uptake and Distribution of Relatively Water-Soluble Organic Contaminants by Acorus gramenius and Canna hybrida 'Orange Punch'
      Advisor: Dr. P. Chris Wilson
    • Stephanie Armstrong
      M.S. Technical Paper: Nutrient Loading in Lake Wauberg: Sources and Potential Management Strategies
      Advisor: Dr. Lena Ma
    • Jennifer Bearden
      M.S. Technical Paper: An Agroecological Approach to Pasture and Hayfield Nitrogen Fertilization
      Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Mackowiak
    • Denise Breen
      M.S. Technical Paper: The Environmental Impacts of Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride) Application on the Sandy Hook-Staten Island Watershed and Sustainable Alternatives
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright
    • Natasha Darre
      M.S. Technical Paper: Desalination of Water: A Review
      Advisor: Dr. Gurpal Toor
    • Stephanie Jamis
      M.S. Technical Paper: Land Applied Residual Effects on Soil Biogeochemical Properties
      Advisor: Dr. K.R. Reddy
    • Aaron Kinty
      M.S. Technical Paper: Curriculum for Middle Grades Aquaponics Course
      Advisor: Dr. P. Chris Wilson
    • Paul Kirk
      M.S. Technical Paper: A Case Study of Three Petroleum Remediation Techniques
      Advisor: Dr. Lena Ma
    • Danielle Koushel
      M.S. Technical Paper: Should We Create and Restore Wetlands? Evaluating the Carbon Balance in the Face of Climate Change
      Advisor: Dr. Patrick Inglett
    • Andrew Land
      M.S. Technical Paper: The Effects of Varying Rates of P and K Fertilizer on Sandy Soil and Peanut Productions
      Advisor: Dr. Rao Mylavarapu
    • Michael Mertens
      M.S. Technical Paper: Sources, Fate, and Transport of Organic Matter in Urban Waters
      Advisor: Dr. Gurpal Toor
    • Adam Orndorff
      M.S. Technical Paper: Evaluating the Effects of Sedimentation from Forest Roads: A Review
      Advisor: Dr. Samira Daroub
    • Eron Raines
      M.S. Technical Paper: Microbiota Regulate Flatland Ecosystems and Surface Processes
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Timothy Sink
      M.S. Technical Paper: Green Fruit Identification on Citrus Trees Using DL-CNN
      Advisor: Dr. Arnold Schumann & Dr. Ann Wilkie
    • Kara Verge
      M.S. Technical Paper: Ecosystem Services of Mangrove Forests and How Climate Change May Impact The Indian River Lagoon
      Advisor: Dr. Jim Jawitz
    • Haley West
      M.S. Technical Paper: Using Principle Component Analysis (PCA) to Discriminate Taxonomically Distinct Soil Orders Based on their Characteristics
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright
  • 2016
    • Kenneth Henderson
      M.S. Technical Paper: Recycling and Reuse of Fly Ash Produced by Coal Burning Power Plants.
      Advisor: Dr. Yuncong Li
    • Allison Leapard
      M.S. Technical Paper: Mapping the Potential Impact of Sea Level Rise on Agricultural Land in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Megan Lougee
      M.S. Technical Paper: The Terrestrial Carbon Cycle and Soils' Role Within A Global Climate Change Mitigation Plan.
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright
    • Mary Maddox
      M.S. Technical Paper: Management of GrazingLand and Ecosystem Services Through Heifer Winter Grazing and Supplementation.
      Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Mackowiak
    • Randall Martin
      M.S. Technical Paper: The Effects of Salinity, Inundation Length, and Vegetation on Lead and Copper in Salt Water Tidal Marshes and Estuaries: A Review.
      Advisor: Dr. Lena Ma
    • Rebekah Meyerholt
      M.S. Technical Paper: Phytoextraction of Cadmium: The Advantages, Limitations, Cost, and Potential Improvements of this Remediation Technique.
      Advisor: Dr. Lena Ma
    • Vijay Nazareth
      M.S. Technical Paper: Evaluating Conservation Agriculture and its Adoption Potential in Developing Countries.
      Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Mackowiak
    • Beth Robertson
      M.S. Technical Paper: Hypoxia in the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve.
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Nickolas Sexson
      M.S. Technical Paper: Functions and Plant Selection in Urban Wetlands.
      Advisor: Dr. Lena Ma
    • Lisa Shaw
      M.S. Technical Paper: Effects of Management and Soil Fertilization on Triggering Wiregrass Reproduction.
      Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Mackowiak
    • Tipanun Upanisakorn
      M.S. Technical Paper: Alternative Approach to Estimating Bioaccessible Lead in Soil Using Nutrient Soil Tests.
      Advisor: Dr. George O'Connor
    • Stephanie Wester
      M.S. Technical Paper: Effectiveness of Implemented Course Components in Improving Student Learning Outcomes and Course Perception in Online Environmental Biogeochemistry.
      Advisor: Dr. Patrick Inglett
    • Ashley Witkowski
      M.S. Technical Paper: Influence of Oscillating Stress in HLB Infected Trees.
      Advisor: Dr. Samira Daroub
    • Antonio Yaquian-Luna
      M.S. Technical Paper: Characterization of Water and Nitrate Transport through a  Dual Porosity Karstic Aquifer and Discharge in Silver Springs.
      Advisor: Dr. James Jawitz
  • 2015
    • MichaelJohn Carnevale
      M.S. Technical Paper: Alternative Stable States of Central Florida Lakes Based on A Comparison of Hydroacoustic and Physical Sampling of Aquatic Macrophytes, and Measured Chlorophyll Levels.
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Bethzaida Colon
      M.S. Technical Paper: A Review of Uptake and Translocation of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products by Food Crops Irrigated With Treated Wastewater.
      Advisor: Dr. Gurpal Toor
    • Jason Frank
      M.S. Technical Paper: Mitigation of Indaziflam Phytotoxicity in Bermudagrass Turf Sand Based Root Zones.
      Advisor: Dr. Samira Daroub
    • Cynthia Gates
      M.S. Technical Paper: Impacts of Feral Pig Rooting Disturbance on Water Quality Depression Marshes of West Central Florida.
      Advisor: Dr. Mark Clark
    • Francisca Hinz
      M.S. Technical Paper: The Influence of Eutrophication Status on the Methane Oxidation in Subtropical Wetland Soils.
      Advisor: Dr. K.S. Inglett
    • Shannon Hudgins
      M.S. Technical Paper: Occurrence of the Hydric Soil Indicator Piedmont Floodplain Soils (F19) Outside of Its Known Range.
      Advisor: Dr. Rex Ellis
    • Carl Koch
      M.S. Technical Paper: A Wholistic Review of High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Related Environmental, Economic, and Social Consequences.
      Advisor: Dr. Marc Kramer
    • Stephanie McLean
      M.S. Technical Paper: Lead in the Environment: Sources and Human Health Risk Assessment.
      Advisor: Dr. Gurpal Toor
    • Virginia Ridgon
      M.S. Technical Paper: Seagrasses of Florida: A Review. 
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright
    • Patrick Ritchie
      M.S. Technical Paper: Blue Crab Population Health and Human Health Risk Assessment in a Mixed Natural and Man-Made Habitat.
      Advisor: Dr. Mark Clark 
    • Keri Smith
      M.S. Technical Paper: An Overview of the Indian River Lagoon.
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright
    • Pamela Vaughn
      M.S. Technical Paper: A Basic Study in Groundwater and the Hydrologic Characteristics of Principal Aquifers in the United States.
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright 
  • 2014
    • Amy Schroeder
      M.S. Technical Paper: Plant Health and Soil Changes with Humic Substance Applications.
      Advisor: Dr. Yuncong Li
    • Eva Christensen
      M.S. Technical Paper: How British Socio-Economic Policies of the Colonial Past Catalyzed Food Insecurity in Present-day Kenya.
      Advisor: Dr. George Hochmuth
    • Amber Daigneault
      M.S. Technical Paper: Wildfire Best Management Practice Effectiveness in Protecting Soil and Water Resources.
      Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Mackowiak
    • Prissy Fletcher
      M.S. Technical Paper: Imidacloprid Fate and Transport in Immokalee Fine Sand During the Control of the Asian Citrus Psyllid.
      Advisor: Dr. Peter Nkedi-Kizza & Dr. Kelly Morgan
    • Stephanie Hinrichs
      M.S. Technical Paper: Key To Field Indicators of Hydric Soils in Florida: A Facilitator for the Determination of the Presence of Hydric Soil Field Indicators.
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • David Rossignol
      M.S. Technical Paper: Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Ecosystem Services in Florida.
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Alexandra Rozin
      M.S. Technical Paper: In Situ Optical Sensors for Measuring Nitrate in Florida Waters.
      Advisor: Dr. Mark Clark
  • 2013
    • Casey Beavers
      M.S. Technical Paper: An Overview of Phosphate Mining and Reclamation in Florida.
      Advisor: Dr. Larry R. Ellis
    • Ellen Michelle Bourne
      M.S. Technical Paper: Reduction of Surface Distributed Composition-B Particles By Prescribed Burns.
      Advisor: Dr. Zhenli He
    • David Clark
      M.S. Technical Paper: Use of Spoil Island as a Seagrass and Mangrove Mitigation Site.
      Advisor: Dr. Larry R. Ellis
    • David Goldstein
      M.S. Technical Paper: Stormwater Treatment Areas for Improving Water Quality in the Everglades.
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright
    • Swati Goswami
      M.S. Technical Paper: Effects of Nutrients, Temperature, and Aeration Status on Enzyme Kinetic Properties Of Subtropical Wetlands.
      Advisor: Dr. Kanika Sharma Inglett
    • Kassidy Klink
      M.S. Technical Paper: Study on Groundwater Quality Parameter Variation Due to Temperature Change in Calibration Solution and Instrumentation.
      Advisor: Dr. Zhenli He
    • Travis Knight
      M.S. Technical Paper: Nitrogen and Phosphorus Trends of Three Rivers along the Southwest Coast of Everglades National Park (2001 - 2008).
      Advisor: Dr. Ed Hanlon
    • David Niebch
      M.S. Technical Paper: Potential Biofuel Crop Sorghum bicolor Germination and Growth on Florida Agricultural Soils Previously Treated With the Herbicides Simazine, Norflurazon, or Bromacil.
      Advisor: Dr. Patrick Chris Wilson
    • Michelle Ouellette
      M.S. Technical Paper: Toxicity of the Herbicides Norflurazon and Simazine to the Aquatic Macropyte, Lemna minor.
      Advisor: Dr. Patrick Chris Wilson
    • Sean Rochette
      M.S. Technical Paper: Assessment of Depressional Wetland Characteristics Influencing On-site and LiDAR Delineation Models.
      Advisor: Dr. Larry R. Ellis
  • 2012
    • Ellen Bailey
      M.S. Technical Paper: Effects of Sediments on the growth of Vallisneria americana in Lake Apopka.
      Advisor: Dr. Patrick Inglett
    • Karen Balentine
      M.S. Technical Paper: Monitoring Seasonal Variability of the Soil Profile With Paired Deep and Shallow Surface Elevation Tables (SET) in the Southwest Coastal Everglades.
      Advisor: Dr. Larry Ellis
    • Jacob Butterworth
      M.S. Technical Paper: Remedial Design and Implementation Technical Guide.
      Advisor: Dr. Peter Nkedi-Kizza
    • Kimberleigh Cayse
      M.S. Technical Paper: Nutrient Dynamics on ATS Pilots.
      Advisor: Dr. Patrick Inglett
    • Cheryl Dunne
      M.S. Technical Paper: Environmental Effects on an HPPD Inhibiting Herbicide's Persistence in Different Soils Over A Four-Year Period.
      Advisor: Dr. Zhenli He
    • Jorge Guevara
      M.S. Technical Paper: Review of Particle Size Distribution Analysis Methods.
      Advisor: Dr. Larry Ellis
    • John Gum
      M.S. Technical Paper: Effects of Compost and Lime Application on Soil Chemical Properties, Soil Microbial Community, and Fusarium Wilt in Florida-Grown Tomatoes.
      Advisor: Dr. Amy Shober
    • Jane Hart
      M.S. Technical Paper: Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Phytoplankton Abundance and Composition in a Well-Flushed, Sub-Tropical Ecosystem.
      Advisor: Dr. Patrick Inglett
    • James H. Lindsay
      M.S. Technical Paper: Tungsten Uptake Kinetics and Trophic Transfer into a Novel Gastropod Model.
      Advisor: Dr. Zhenli He
    • Kathleen D. Lockhart
      M.S. Technical Paper: Evaluation of Soil Phosphorus and Phosphorus in Water Discharged from Three Everglades Agricultural Area Farms.
      Advisor: Dr. Sabine Grunwald
    • William Mahler
      M.S. Technical Paper: Assessment of LiDAR-based DEMs in Delineating Depressional Wetlands.
      Advisor: Dr. Larry Rex Ellis
    • Sarah Mixon
      M.S. Technical Paper: Stream Condition Index: Understanding and Use of this Biomonitoring Tool for Florida Streams and Rivers.
      Advisor: Dr. H. Carl Fitz
    • Jason Neumann
      M.S. Technical Paper: Okeechobee Isolated Wetlands: Influences of Hydroperiod on Plant Specie Nativeness in Improved Pasture Ranchlands.
      Advisor: Dr. Mark Clark
    • Marti Occhipinti
      M.S. Technical Paper: Dry Season Temporal Variability of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Sediment in Runoff from a Residential Neighborhood in Southern California.
      Advisor: Dr. Gurpal Toor
    • Thomas Ponce
      M.S. Technical Paper: Comparison of Soil Phosphorus Storage in the Ridge and Slough Landscape in Water Conservation Area 3A (WCA3A) of the Everglades.
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Donald Rainey
      M.S. Technical Paper: Variability of Soil Physical and Chemical Properties in an Established Residential Community.
      Advisor: Dr. Amy Shober
    • Jared Sweat
      M.S. Technical Paper: Comparison of Soil Phosphorus Storage in the Ridge and Slough Landscape in Water Conservation Area 3A (WCA3A) of the Everglades.
      Advisor: Dr. Mary Collins
  • 2011
    • Michael Atkin
      M.S. Technical Paper: Nitrate Leaching in Florida Urban Environments.
      Advisor: Dr. Samira Daroub
    • Sean Fromang
      M.S. Technical Paper: Effects of Atrazine on Non-Target Organisms.
      Advisor: Dr. Patrick Chris Wilson
    • Stephen Hanks
      M.S. Technical Paper: One Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis of The Effect of Sea Level Rise on Estuarine Salinity.
      Advisor: Dr. H. Carl Fitz
    • William Tom Higginbotham
      M.S. Technical Paper: Environmental Impact of Wastewater Disposal in the Florida Keys, Monroe County.
      Advisor: Dr. Yuncong Li
    • Nicole Howard
      M.S. Technical Paper: Mercury Trends in Multiple Fish Species in the Everglades Protection Area.
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Timothy Hull
      M.S. Technical Paper: Using Lichens as Indicators of Hydrology in Mixed Pond-Cypress (Taxodium ascendens) - Pine (Pinus sp.) Wetlands in Central Florida.
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Amy Hylkema
      M.S. Technical Paper: Haiti Soil Fertility Analysis and Crop Interpretations for Principal Crops in the Five WINNER Watershed Zones of Intervention.
      Advisor: Dr. Amy Shober
    • Ruben A. Koch
      M.S. Technical Paper: Influence of Exposure Duration and Recovery On The toxicity of Norflurazon to L. Minor.
      Advisor: Dr. Patrick Chris Wilson
    • Rebekah Lee
      M.S. Technical Paper: Trends in Surface Water Quality at the University of Florida, Gainesville.
      Advisor: Dr. Todd Osborne
    • Jamie Lewis
      M.S. Technical Paper: A Literature Review of the History and Future of Reclaimed Water Use in Florida.
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright
    • Tae-Goo Oh
      M.S. Technical Paper: Ridge Senescence of Cladium Jamaicence in The Ridge and Slough Mosaic of The Florida Everglades.
      Advisor: Dr. Mark Clark
    • Brant Phelps
      M.S. Technical Paper: Supplemental Guide for Seasonal High Water Table Indicators in Georgia’s Onsite Wastewater Manual Section C: Flatwoods Region.
      Advisor: Dr. Willie Harris
    • Louis Philor
      M.S. Technical Paper: Erosion Impacts on Soil and Environmental Quality: Vertisols in the Highlands Region of Ethiopia.
      Advisor: Dr. Samira Daroub
    • Travis Roberts
      M.S. Technical Paper: Organic Matter Decomposition: Interactions of Temperature, Moisture, and Substrate Type.
      Advisor: Dr. H. Carl Fitz
    • John Sain
      M.S. Technical Paper: Evaluation of Coarse Woody Debris and Forest Litter Based on Harvest Treatment in a Tupelo-Cypress Wetland.
      Advisor: Dr. John Thomas
    • Samuel Vacca
      M.S. Technical Paper: Bioretention Facilities and Constructed Wetlands Efficiency and Use: A Review.
      Advisor: Dr. Patrick Inglett
    • Erin Yancey
      M.S. Technical Paper: Charlottesville High School Biofilter Performance Study.
      Advisor: Dr. John Thomas
  • 2010
    • Kristin Campbell
      M.S. Technical Paper: Germination of three selections of Lantana species.: L. camara, L. camara Pink Caprice', and L. depressa..: L. camara, L. camara Pink Caprice', and L. depressa. Advisor: Dr. Chris Wilson
    • Marie Jacqueline Depaz 
      M.S. Technical Paper: Composting – Waste Alternatives. Advisor: Dr. Kelly Morgan
  • 2009
    • Pamela Sue Brown
      M.S. Technical Paper: Saint Andrews Bay: A Look Into One Of Florida's Most Diverse Watersheds.
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright
    • Daniel Irick
      M.S. Technical Paper: Wetland Delineation: An Overview of Regulations and Methods.
      Advisor: Dr. Yuncong Li
    • Ronald Lindemann
      M.S. Technical Paper: History of South Florida Pine Rocklands and How They Have Been Negatively Affected By Fire Suppression and Fragmentation.
      Advisor: Dr. Samira Daroub
    • Laura P. Sadowski
      M.S. Technical Paper:
      Advisor: Dr. Jerry Sartain
    • Shannon Smith
      M.S. Technical Paper: Combined Ultrasonic-Oxidative Remediation of Aldrin and Dieldrin Soil Contamination.
      Advisor: Dr. James Jawitz
    • Elisabeth Solchik
      M.S. Technical Paper: Stream Restoration Impacts on Macroinvertebrate Communities.
      Advisor: Dr. Ramesh Reddy
    • Jessica Taft
      M.S. Technical Paper: A Baseline Study of Wetlands in the St. Johns River Basin: Precursor to Water Withdrawals from the St. Johns River.
      Advisor: Dr. Alan Wright