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Seminars are Wednesdays, 11:45-12:35, Phelps Lab 101. 

This seminar series is presented by the Howard T. Odum Center for Wetlands, the Water Institute and the Soil & Water Sciences Department.

Fall 2016

Aug. 24

Mark Brown, Professor, Environmental Engineering Sciences 
Mark Clark, Associate Professor, Soil and Water Sciences
David Kaplan, Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering Sciences

Introduction to the seminar for thought

Aug. 31

Nick Ward, Research Scientist, UF Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, St. Augustine, FL

Net ecosystem exchange of carbon in the lower Amazon River

Sept. 7

Eban Bean, Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UF

Urban stormwater retrofits: So what if it rains a little?

Sept. 14

Elizabeth Anderson, co-Director, Tropical Conservation Institute School of Environment, Arts and Society, Florida International University, Miami, FL

Balancing water needs for humans and nature: Lessons from East Africa and the Andean Amazon

Sept. 21

Sivaramakrishnan Balachandar, William F. Powers Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UF

Fundamental multiphase flow simulations of sediment transport - Could they be of relevance and use to ecology, coastal engineering and geosystems

Sept. 28

Kai Lorenzen, Professor, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, UF

Between a rock and a hard place: counterintuitive interventions help conserve fisheries in Asian rice farming landscapes

Oct. 5

Patrick Christopher Wilson, Professor, Soil and Water Sciences, UF

Pesticide risk assessments for surface water bodies in southern Florida

Oct. 12

Patrick Inglett, Associate Professor, Soil and Water Sciences, UF

What's in Store?: Interactive effects of warming, nutrient- and carbon-limitation on decomposition and greenhouse gas production in wetlands

Oct. 19

Jenet Dooley, Ecologist/Research Analyst, Solstice Canada Corp., Alberta, Canada

The Effect of Human Influence on North Central Florida Soundscapes

Oct. 26

Kenneth J. Sulak, Lead Scientist - Coastal Ecology & Conservation Research Group, Sturgeon Quest Leader, Wetlands and Aquatic Research Center, U.S. Geological Survey, Gainesville, FL

The primordial Suwannee River ecosystem – A tale of irreversible human impact

Nov. 2

Otar Akanyeti, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, UF Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, St. Augustine, FL

Analysis and Synthesis of Behavior

Nov. 16

Simone Athayde, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Topical Conservation and Development, UF

Mapping indigenous responses to hydroelectric dam impacts on bio-cultural diversity across the Amazon

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