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Careers in Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences

Graduates with degrees in Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences, Environmental Management, and related fields will be equipped to pursue careers with academic institutions, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Food & Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Geological Survey, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, state agencies, water management districts, private companies, consulting firms, and many other organizations, including non-profits.

Be sure to check out our Student Clubs page for information on how to become a certified Professional Wetland Scientist or a certified Soil Scientist, and how to get involved with hands-on experience in the field.

Our students have a unique opportunity to work on the cutting-edge of resource conservation, agriculture innovation, and energy research. Examples of specific job titles related to soil, water, and environmental sciences include:‌

  • Resource Conservationist
  • Natural Resources Manager
  • Soil Scientist
  • Erosion Control Specialist
  • Soil Chemist
  • Soil Physicist
  • Hydrologist
  • Professor
  • Researcher
  • Plant Manager/Supervisor
  • Grant Coordinator
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Manager
  • Federal/State Agencies
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Corporate Industry
  • Community Educator
  • Soil Conservationist
  • Reclamation Specialist
  • Soil Conservation District Manager/Technician
  • Environmental Lawyer
  • Lobbyist Consultant
  • Agency Director
  • Policy Analyst