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The Agronomy/Soils Club hosts the Peanut Sale, maintains the campus Agricultural Gardens, and is involved with the McCarty Woods Restoration Project, and they participate in community outreach such as the Air Potato Round-up and other volunteer projects. For more information, email

The Wetlands Club is open to all undergraduates and graduates in any discipline who are interested in community outreach and issues pertaining to wetlands. Club activities include creek clean-ups, camping, canoeing, community education, and speakers/conferences. For more information contact the President, Elise Morrison,

UF Wetlands Club constructing a walkway for the Stormwater Ecological Enhancement Project (SEEP) at the Natural Area Teaching Lab.

The BioEnergy and Sustainable Technology Society (BESTS) provides a forum within which to discuss and educate the members and the public at-large about the technological realities, politics and economics of bioenergy and renewable resources, energy conversion and distribution and sustainable technologies. Check out their YouTube videos. For more information, visit their website.

The Student Compost Cooperative (SCC) is a student-run cooperative organized by the BioEnergy and Sustainable Technology (BEST) Laboratory. The SCC educates UF students about the importance of food waste composting and gives them an opportunity to compost their own food waste. Join the SCC Facebook Group or read more about composting and getting involved on the SCC website

Soil and Water Science Majors can join the Society of Wetland Scientists and become certified as Wetland Professionals in Training (WPIT), on the way to obtaining the required experience to become a Professional Wetland Scientist.

Students can also become Certified Professional Soil Scientists through the Soil Science Society of America. Our very own Dr. Comerford was elected President of the SSSA beginning January 2009!

Belonging to these organizations and becoming certified by nationally recognized groups is a great way to build your resume through college! Check out our Careers page for insight into the future of Soil and Water Sciences majors.