Welcome to the Aquatic and Wetland Biogeochemistry Group at the University of Florida.  This is the research and education program of Dr. Patrick Inglett in the Soil and Water Sciences Department.  Please browse our site to see facilities, students & scientists, check out our courses, or be informed about some of our research projects.

  • New paper - carbon quality

    New Publication

    Sihi, D., P.W. Inglett and K.S. Inglett. (2016) Carbon quality and nutrient status drive the temperature sensitivity of organic matter decomposition in subtropical peat soils. Biogeochemistry 131: 103-119.

    Read the Paper:


  • Course - Advanced Biogeochemistry

    Fall 2017 Course

    SWS 6456 Advanced Biogeochemistry

    This course is designed for advanced PhD level graduate students to explore the current topics, theory, and directions of global biogeochemical research. The major emphasis is on understanding the coupled nature of biogeochemical cycles as they apply to environmental change.

  • slider with caption image - journal colloquium

    Fall 2017 Course

    SWS 6932 Journal Colloquium in Biogeochemistry

    This course is designed to help graduate students in environmental science fields develop skills for critical analysis of literature while exploring current topics in biogeochemistry.