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Course Introduction

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Welcome video from Dr. Vimala Nair, one of the course instructors, giving an overview and objectives of the course.


Module 1: Welcome, Course Overview, and Conventional Techniques for Evaluating Phosphorus (P) Release from Soils


Lecture 1: Welcome and course overview

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Introduces the instructors and outlines the course structure, objectives, and the content for each module.



Lecture 2: Sampling soils for P risk assessment

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Describes tools and techniques for sampling upland and wetland soils and how to prepare a soil for analysis.



Lecture 3: Conventional techniques for evaluating phosphorus release from soils - water soluble P and soil test P

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Explains water soluble phosphorus (WSP) as an important parameter in P-related issues, the extraction procedure for WSP, and soil testing for phosphorus, including choice of extractant and the extraction procedure for Mehlich 1-P, and compares two procedures for phosphorus analysis.



Lecture 4: Oxalate-extractable P, iron-oxide strip P, and total P

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Shows the laboratory techniques for evaluating P dynamics in soils and sediments by determining P extracted from soils, including oxalate-extractable P, iron-oxide strip P, and total P in soil.



Lecture 5: Soil phosphorus fractionation procedures

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Explains why soil P fractionation procedures are performed and compares fractionation schemes and their modifications.

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