Module 6: Other Applications of the PSR and SPSC Concepts



Lecture 1: Environmental and agronomic applications

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Describes uses of the SPSC to assess environmental P risk, using the example of water-table management, and its use for optimal agronomic P application.

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Lecture 2: Site-specific prediction of P loss risk

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Discusses the application of SPSC to identify and predict P-loss risk from a soil, with examples comparing high P-impacted dairy soils with low P-impacted pasture soils and evaluating SPSC values in a watershed. Details prediction of P loss in a column experiment and Bh horizon studies to demonstrate the use of SPSC to identify locations that are at P loss risk.

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Lecture 3:  Phosphorus storage & release in tree-less & tree-based agricultural systems

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Gives examples of SPSC at various silvopastoral sites to demonstrate its use in evaluating P storage and release under treeless and tree-based agricultural systems.

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Lecture 4: Relationship of PSR and SPSC to edge-of-field and groundwater quality

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Applies the SPSC concept to predicting P storage and release at a watershed or catchment level, using an example from beef cattle ranches in the Lake Okeechobee Watershed.

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Lecture 5: Overview of the PSR & SPSC concepts

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Explains the relationship of PSR and SPSC to equilibrium P concentrations and summarizes the power of the PSR and SPSC concepts in understanding P storage and release from a soil for soil risk assessment applications.

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