Florida Soil Characterization Data :
Retrieval System Project Leader

Dr. Sabine Grunwald, Soil & Water Science, University of Florida
Scientific Project Team :

Dr. W.G Harris, Soil & Water Science, University of Florida, and Mr. Wade Hurt, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Database Development :

Dr. S. A. Bloom, Soil and Water Science, UF
Web Development :

William Deich and Brandon Hoover
Data Assembly & GIS :

R. Rivero,   V. Ramasundaram,   M. Gao,   B. Murphy,   K. Bloom

Funding provided for Data :
Retrieval System by
Florida Dept. of Transportation
Funding provided for data collection :
and labratory analysis by
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Data Collection :
and Analysis

Staff of the Environmental Pedology Laboratory, Soil and Water Science Department, University of Florida in conjunction with the Natural Resources Conservation Service.