Florida Soil Characterization Project
GIS Method for Georeferencing and Shapefile Generation

Data from the soils surveys had to be georeferenced in order to produce a spatial representation of each profile in a GIS format.  The process for georeferencing these data and produce final GIS output followed this general outline:




Preliminary Assembly of GIS reference data for each county



Development of GIS and Delphi Applications for Georeferencing Sample Data



Implementation/ Georeferencing of Sample data by county



Final Processing of Data.  Review and production of final statewide shapefile. 



ArcIMS Design and Implementation


I.      Preliminary Assembly of GIS Reference Data for each county


A series of GIS base maps were produced for each county with data from NRCS-USDA and FGDL (Florida Geographic Data Library, University of Florida, Geoplan Center)  including county boundaries, PLSS (Public Land Survey), SSURGO data (soil data), roads, and other reference data used to locate each sample point.  GIS Project files were produced for each county with this data and stored under each county folder.


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II.   Application Development


    Two applications were developed to facilitate the process of georefencing sample points:


1.  Florida Georeference Toolbar (ArcGIS)  

This first application is an ArcGIS interface, written in VBA (Visual Basic for Application), that allow users to input certain parameters such as PLSS (township, range and section, from the Public Land Survey System) location description, and coordinates. Basically the application will allow user to input (or paste from the other Georef application) information from the XML file, and on the other hand, it also allow user to pinpoint a location in the screen and retrieve coordinates from that particular point and paste them into the interface.  Two text files are written as an output, the main file stores the coordinates along with the profile unique identifier. This would allow later to be able to join this spatial dataset with any other non_spatial results from the retrieval system.  


The Fl_Georef Tool contains 3 tool buttons: Search, Georef, and Clear Selected Features. The tool is added to the screen as a customized extension through the View/Toolbars menu. The search button opens a window interface with three tabs on it: PLSS Selection/Zoom, Soil Selection, and Georeference.

o       The PLSS Selection/Zoom button allows user to input Township/Range/Section of the sample, and zoom to selection for point location display. 

o       The georef tool button allows users to pinpoint a sample location in the ArcMap view screen, and get coordinates from selected point displayed into the Georeference interface, and from there written into the files. These files contained the  that would be added to the Table of Content (Add XY) (programmatically) in the ArcMap interface and later converted to a shapefile