Geo-referencing & associated parameters

To make the data more accessible, one aspect of the project was to specify the sampling location for each profile. The latitudes and longitudes were derived from:
  1. The latitude and longitude as provided by the field team;
  2. Maps on which the sampling locations were marked, so characterization was simply a matter of coordinate conversion from the map coordinate system (township and ranges)  to latitude and longitude; or
  3. Utilization of the sample location description metadata to project the described point onto a township and range system from which the latitude and longitude could be found

Follow this link to read a detailed description of the methods and applications developed for the georeferencing process.

Once the coordinates were determined, a number of XML fields were added to the database.  These were:
  • LATDECDEG = latitude in decimal degrees
  • LONGDECDEG = longitude in decimal degrees
  • ALBERS_X = X-coordinate in the Albers coordinate system
  • ALBERS_Y = Y-coordinate in the Albers coordinate system
  • GEOREFCOMMENT = comments on the process of locating the point
  • GEOREFSOURCE = source of the information
Given the locations, a set of derived parameters were created.  These were: