General Profile Characteristics

Each profile consists of one or more horizons, with each horizon having associated with it a set of parameters. Each profile also has a set of parameters associated with it and applicable to all horizons making up that profile.  Those parameters are:

ID - the 'S-number' or profile code that consists of the initial character 'S', followed by a two-digit code for the county (by alphabetical order of the counties of Florida), a dash, and a three-digit code representing the profile number (and therefore the sampling sequence) within that county.
SOILNAME - the scientific designation for the soil at the profile's location
CLASSIFICATION - the current classification of the soil
LOCATION - the physical location of the profile as described by the field crew
LANDFORM - Landform where soil was described and sampled
SLOPE - Percent slope on site where soil was described and sampled
DRAINAGE - Soil drainage class
VEGETATION - Vegetation where soil was described and sampled
PARENT - Soil parent material
DESCRIBED - Personnel who described and sampled the soil
DATE - Date soil was described and sampled