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Bondada- 4

Cao - 14

Chen, M - 11

Chirenje- 13

Dong- 1

Fayiga- 6

Gonzaga- 6

Hardison- 2

Kertulis- 3

Luongo- 1

Ma- 17

Mathews- 1

Melamed- 1

Rivero - 1


Singh, S- 3

Singh, N- 4

Srivastava- 5

Tu, C.- 5

Tu, M.- 5

Wang- 1

Wei- 1

Wu- 3

Xiao- 1











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        By subject (alphabetical order)

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Appel, Christpher (Ph.D student -- 08/98 to 12/01)IMAGES/up.gif

 5     images/PDF.gif  Appel, C., L.Q. Ma, and D. Rhue.  2008.
        Sequential Sorption of Pb and Cd in Tropical Soils
        Environ. Pollution.  55:132-140. 

 4     images/PDF.gif  Appel, C., L.Q. Ma, R. D. Rhue and W. Reve.  2003.
        Selectivities of potassium/calcium and potassium/lead exchange in two tropical soils.
        Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J.  67:1707-1714.

3      images/PDF.gif  Appel, C., L.Q. Ma, D. Rhue, and E. Kennelley.  2003.IMAGES/up.gif
Determination of zero point of charge in soils and minerals: method comparison
113:77– 93.

2      images/PDF.gif  Appel, C., L.Q. Ma, D. Rhue, and W. Reve.  2002.
        Heats of K/Ca and K/Pb exchange in two tropical soils as measured by flow calorimetry
        Soil Sci.   167:773-781.

1      images/PDF.gif  Appel, C., and L.Q. Ma.  2002.
        Concentration, pH, and surface charge effects on Cd/Pb sorption in three tropical soils
        J. Environ. Qual.  31:581-589.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Al Agely, Abid  (Senior Biologist -- University of Florida)IMAGES/up.gif

      images/PDF.gif  Al Agely, A.,  D.M. Sylvia, and L.Q. Ma  2005.
        Mycorrhizae increase arsenic uptake by hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata.
        J. Environ. Qual. 

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Banger, K (M.S. - University of Florida)IMAGES/up.gif

1      images/PDF.gif  Banger, K., G.S. Toor, T. Chirenje and L.Q. Ma. 2010.

      Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in four urban land use soils of Miami, Florida

        Soil Sediment Contamination.  19:231–243.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Bondada, Bhaskar  (post-doc -- 04/01 to 10/02)   IMAGES/up.gif

4      Bondada, B.R., R. S. Underhill, L.Q. Ma, M.R. Davidson, Y. Guyodo, R.S. Duran.   2007. 
        Spatial distribution, localization and speciation of arsenic in the hyperaccumulating fern (Pteris vittata l.)

        In P. Bhattacharya, A.B. Mukherjee and R.H. Loeppert (eds)
        Arsenic in Soil and Groundwater Environments: Trace Metals and Other Contaminants in Environment. 
        Elsevier Book Series.  Volume 9.  pp 299-314

3      images/PDF.gif  Bondada, B., C. Tu, and L.Q. Ma.
Surface structure and anatomical aspects of Chinese brake fern (Pteris vittata; Pteridaceae).
Brittonia.   58: 217-228.

2      images/PDF.gif  Bondada, B.R., S. Tu and L. Q. Ma.  2004. 
        Absorption of frond-applied arsenic by the arsenic hyperaccumulating fern Pteris vittata L.
        Sci. Total Environment.   332:61-70. 

1      images/PDF.gif  Bondada, B. and L.Q. Ma.  2002.
        Tolerance of heavy metals in vascular plants: arsenic hyperaccumulation by Chinese brake fern (Pteris vittata L.).    
        In Chandra and Srivastava (eds.) Pteridology in New Millennium. 
        Kluwer Academy Publishers.  pp. 397-420.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Cai, Yong (Associate Professor -- Florida International University)IMAGES/up.gif

2      images/PDF.gif  Cai, Y., J. Su and L.Q. Ma.  2004.
        Low molecular weight thiols in arsenic hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata upon exposure to arsenic and other trace elements
        Environ. Pollution.  129: 69-78.

1      images/PDF.gif  Cai, Y. and L.Q. Ma.  2002.
Metal tolerance, accumulation and detoxification in plants with emphasis on arsenic in terrestrial plants.

        In Biogeochemistry of Environmentally Important Trace Elements
        Eds., Yong Cai and Olin Braids, Oxford University Press.  pp. 95-114.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Cao, Xinde (post-doc -- 12/00 to 11/03)  IMAGES/up.gif

14   images/PDF.gif Cao, X. L.Q. Ma, and A. Shiralipour.  2010. 

Composting As-rich biomass of hyperaccumulator Chinese Brake Fern (Pteris vittata L.): mass reduction and arsenic transformation. 

Environ Sci Pollut Res.  17:586–594. 

13     images/PDF.gif Cao, X. L.Q. Ma, B. Gao, and W.G. Harris.  2009.

        Dairy manure-derived biochar effectively sorbs lead and atrazine
        Environmental Science & Technology.  43: 3285-3291.

12     images/PDF.gif  Cao, X.  A. Wabbi and Lena Q. Ma.  2009.

        Using phosphate rock to immobilize lead, copper, and zinc in contaminated soils
        J. Haz. Mat.  164
: 555-564.

11   images/PDF.gif  Cao, X., Lena Q. Ma, S. Singh, Q. Zhou. 2008.
        Phosphate-induced lead immobilization from different lead minerals in soils under varying pH conditions
        Environment Pollution.  152: 184-192

10   Xinde Cao and Lena Ma. 2007
        Transformation of lead bullets and phosphate-induced lead immobilization in shooting range soils.
        In R. H. Plattenberg (ed). Environmental Pollution: New Research. Nova Science Publishers, New York, pp. 99-119.

9      Cao, X.  D. Dermatas, G. Shen, and L.Q. Ma. 2005
        Lead contamination and immobilization at shooting range sites, p. 315–321. In A. Al-Tabbaa and J. A. Stegemann, eds.
        Stabilisation/Solidification Treatment and Remediation.
Taylor & Francis Group, London.

8      images/PDF.gif  Cao, X. and Lena Q. Ma.  2004.
        Effects of Compost and Phosphate on Plant arsenic Uptake from Soils near pressure-treated wood
        Environment Pollution.  132:

7      images/PDF.gif  Cao, X.  Lena Q. Ma, Dean Rhue, and Chip Appel.  2004.
        Mechanisms of Lead, Copper, and Zinc Immobilization by Phosphate Rock
        Environ. Pollution.  131:435-444.

6      images/PDF.gif  Cao, X.  Lena Q. Ma, and C. Tu.  2004.   IMAGES/up.gif
        Antioxidative responses to arsenic in arsenic-hyperaccumulator Chinese brake fern (Pteris vittata L.)
        Environ. Pollution.  128:317-325.

5      images/PDF.gif  Cao, X., L.Q. Ma, and A. Shiralipour.  2003.
        Effects of compost and phosphate amendments on arsenic leachability in soils and arsenic uptake

        by Chinese Brake (Pteris Vittata L.)
        Environ. Pollution.  126:157-167.

4      images/PDF.gif  Cao, X., L.Q. Ma, M. Chen, D. Hardison, and W. Harris.  2003.
        Lead transformation and distribution in Florida shooting range soils.
        Sci. Total Environment.   307:179 -189. 

3      images/PDF.gif  Cao, X., L.Q. Ma, M. Chen, D. Hardison, and W.G. Harris.  2003.  IMAGES/up.gif
        Weathering of lead bullets and their environmental effects at outdoor shooting ranges
        J. Environ. Qual.   32: 526-534.

2      images/PDF.gif  Cao, X, L.Q. Ma, S.P. Singh, M. Chen, and W. Harris.  2003.
        Phosphate-induced metal immobilization in a contaminated site
        Environ. Pollution.  122:19-28.

1      images/PDF.gif  Cao, X., L.Q. Ma, M. Chen, S.P. Singh, and W.G. Harris.  2002.
        Impacts of phosphate amendments on lead biogeochemistry in a contaminated site
        Environ. Sci. Technol.  36: 5296-5304.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Chen, Ming (post-doc - 03/96 to 02/01) IMAGES/up.gif

11   images/PDF.gif  Chen, M., L.Q. Ma, X. Cao, R. Melamed and S.P. Singh.
        Field demonstration of in situ immobilization of soil Pb using P amendments
        Advances Environmental Research.  8:93-102

   images/PDF.gif  Chen, M.,  L. Q. Ma, and Willie G. Harris. 2002.
        Arsenic concentrations in Florida surface soils: influence of soil type and properties
        Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 66:632-640.

9      images/PDF.gif  Chen, M., L.Q. Ma, W.G. Harris, and X. Cao. 2002.
        Characterization of Pb in soils of a rifle/pistol shooting range in Central Florida.
        Soil Sediment Contamination.  11:1-17.

8      images/PDF.gif Chen, M., L. Q. Ma, and Willie G. Harris. 2001.   IMAGES/up.gif
        Distribution of Pb and As in soil at a shooting range in Central Florida
        Soil Crop Sci. Soc. Florida Proc.  60:15-20.

7      images/PDF.gif  Chen, M.,  L.Q. Ma, C. G. Hoogeweg, and W.G. Harris. 2001.
        Arsenic background concentrations in Florida surface soils: determination and interpretation
        J. Environ. Forensics.  2:117-126.

6      images/PDF.gif  Chen, M., and L.Q. Ma.
        Taxonomic and geographic distribution of total P in Florida surface soils
        Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J.  65:1539-1547.

5      images/PDF.gif  Chen, M. and L.Q. Ma.  2001.
        Comparison of three aqua regia digestion methods for analyzing 16 elements in soils
        Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J.  65:491-499.

4      images/PDF.gif  Chen, M. , Ma, L. Q., and Y.C. Li. 2000.     IMAGES/up.gif
        Concentrations of P, K, Al, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, and As in Marl soils from South Florida.
        Soil Crop Sci. Soc. Florida Proc.   59:124-129.

 3     images/PDF.gif  Chen, M., L.Q. Ma and W. Harris. 1999.
        Baseline concentrations of 15 trace elements in Florida surface soils.
        J. Environ. Qual.  28:1173-1181.

2      images/PDF.gif  Chen, M. , Ma, L.Q., and W.G. Harris. 1999.
        Assessment of  P concentrations in different types of Florida surface soils.
        Soil Crop Sci. Soc. Florida Proc.  58:58-62.

1      images/PDF.gif  Chen, M. and L.Q. Ma.  1998.
        Comparison of four EPA digestion methods for trace metals using certified and Florida soils.
        J. Environ. Qual. 27:1294-1300

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Chen, Ruixue (Ph.D student - Chemistry Department) IMAGES/up.gif
1      images/PDF.gif  Chen, R., B.W. Smith, J.D. Winefordner, M.S. Tu, G. Kertulis, and L.Q. Ma.  2004.
        Arsenic speciation in Chinese brake fern by ion-pair high-performance liquid chromatography
        –inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy.
        Analytica Chemica Acta.  504:199-207.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Chirenje, Tait (Ph.D student - 08/96 to 05/00 and post-doc -- 05/00 to 0/8/03) IMAGES/up.gif

13   images/PDF.gif  Chirenje, T.,  L.Q. Ma and L. Lu.   2006.
        Retention of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn by wood ash, lime and fume dust
        Water Air Soil Pollut.  171:301-314.

12   Chirenje, T., and L.Q. Ma.   2006.
        The impact of CCA-treated wood on soil
        In T. Townsend and H. Solo-Gabriel (eds.) Environmental impacts of treated wood.

11   images/PDF.gif  Chirenje, T., L.Q. Ma, M. Reeves,  and M. Szulczewski.  2004.
        Lead distributions in urban soils of two Florida cities: Gainesville and Miami

10   images/PDF.gif  Chirenje, T., L.Q. Ma, M. Chen and E. J. Zillioux.  2003.    
        Arsenic background concentration comparison in urban and non-urban areas of Florida
        Advances Environmental Research.  8:137-146.

9      images/PDF.gif  Chirenje, T., L.Q. Ma, C. Clark, and M. Reeves.  2003.   IMAGES/up.gif
        Copper, Cr and As distribution in soils adjacent to pressure-treated decks, fences and poles. 
Environ. Pollution.   124:407-417.

8      images/PDF.gif  Chirenje, T.,L. Q. Ma, M. Szulczewski, R. Littell, K. M. Portier and E. Zillioux.   2003.
        Soil arsenic distribution in two Florida cities: Gainesville and Miami
        J. Environ. Qual.    32:109-119.

7      images/PDF.gif  Chirenje, T. and L.Q. Ma.  2002. 
        Impacts of high-volume papermill ash amendment on soil properties and nutrient status.
        Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal.  33:1-17.

6      images/PDF.gif  Chirenje, T.,  L.Q. Ma and C. Rivera. 2002.
        Leachability of Cu and Ni in wood ash-amended soil as impacted by humic and fulvic acid.
        Geoderma.  108:31-47.

5      images/PDF.gifChirenje, T., L.Q. Ma and C. Rivera. 2002.   IMAGES/up.gif
        Effects of humic and fulvic acids on As and Cr leachability in wood ash-amended soils.
        Soil Sediment Contamination. 11:359-375.

4      images/PDF.gif  Chirenje, T.L. Q. Ma, and E. Zillioux.  2002.
        Determination of arsenic background concentrations in urban soils
The Scientific World JOURNAL  2:1404-1417.

3      images/PDF.gif  Chirenje, T. L.Q. Ma, A.G. Hornsby, K. Portier, W.G. Harris, and E. J. Zillioux.  2001.    
        Protocol development for assessing arsenic background concentrations in Florida urban soils
        J. Environ. Forensics.  2:141-153.

2      images/PDF.gif  Chirenje, T. and L.Q. Ma.  1999.
        Effects of acidification on metal mobility in a papermill-ash amended soil.
        J. Environ. Qual.  28:760-766.

1      Chirenje, T. and L.Q. Ma.  1999.
        Greenhouse study of slash pine responses to fertilizer in a papermill-ash amended soil.
        Soil Crop Sci. Soc. Florida Proc. 58:760-6.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Dong, Yan (Ph.D student -- 01/96 to 12/99) IMAGES/up.gif

1      images/PDF.gif  Dong, Y., L.Q. Ma and R.D. Rhue.
        Relation of Pb solubility and Fe partitioning in soils.
        Environ. Pollution.  110:515-522.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Fayiga, Abioya (Ph.D student/post-doc -- 07/02 to present)

6      images/PDF.gif  Fayiga, A.O., and L. Q. Ma, and B. Rathinasabapathi.  2008.
        Effects of nutrients on arsenic accumulation by arsenic hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata L. 
        Environ. Exp. Bot.  
62: 231–237

5      images/PDF.gif  Fayiga, A.O.,  L. Q. Ma and Q. Zhou.  2007.
        Effects of plant arsenic uptake and heavy metals on arsenic distribution in an arsenic-contaminated soil.  IMAGES/up.gif
        Environment Pollution. 147:737-742

4      images/PDF.gif  Fayiga, A.O. and L. Q. Ma.  2006.  
        Using phosphate rock to immobilize metals in soils and increase arsenic uptake in Pteris vittata.
        Science Total Environment. 
359: 17– 25

3      images/PDF.gif  Fayiga A.O.
  and L. Q. Ma  2005.  
        Arsenic uptake by two hyperaccumulator ferns from four arsenic contaminated soils.
        Water Air Soil Pollution. 
168: 71–89.

2      images/PDF.gif  Fayiga A.O.,  L. Q. Ma, J. Santos, B. Rathinasabapathi, Stamps B. and R. C.  Littell.  2005.  
        Effects of arsenic species and concentrations on arsenic accumulation by different fern species in a hydroponic system.
        Int. J. Phytoremediation. 

1      images/PDF.gif  Fayiga, A.O., L.Q. Ma, R. X. Cao, and B. Rathinasabapathi.  2004.
        Effects of heavy metals on growth and arsenic accumulation in the arsenic hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata L.
        Environment Pollution.  132:289-296.


IMAGES/bullet.gif     Fitz, Walter (Scientist -- BOKU, Austria)IMAGES/up.gif

1      images/PDF.gif  Fitz, w.j., w.w. Wenzel, h. Zhang, j. Nurmi, k. Tipek, z. Fischerova, ……., l.q. Ma, & g. Stingeder. 2003.
        Rhizosphere Characteristics of the Arsenic Hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata L. and Monitoring of Phytoremoval Efficiency
        Environ. Sci. Technol.  37: 5008-5014.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Gao, Bin  (Assistant professor -- University of Florida)IMAGES/up.gif

1      Gao, B., Y. Dong, Y. Luo, and L.Q. Ma.  2009.
        Colloid deposition and release in Soils and their association with heavy metals
        Critical Review Environ. Sci. Technol.  Accepted.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Gonzaga, Maria (Ph.D - 08/02 to present) 

6      images/PDF.gif  Gonzaga, M.I.,S. L.Q. Ma J.A.G. Santos, and M.I.S. Matias.  2009.
        Rhizosphere characteristics of two arsenic hyperaccumulating Pteris ferns

        Sci. Total Environ.  407: 4711-4716

5      images/PDF.gif  Gonzaga, M.I.S., J.A.G. Santos, and L.Q. Ma. 2008.
Phytoextraction by arsenic hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata L. from six arsenic-contaminated soils:

        Repeated harvests and arsenic redistribution.

        Environ. Pollution. 154:212-218

4      images/PDF.gif  Gonzaga, M.I.,S. J.A.G. Santos, and L.Q. Ma,.  2007.
        Effects of the plant growth stage on the arsenic hyperaccumulation by Pteris vittata L

        Water Air Soil Pollution.  186: 289-295   

3      images/PDF.gif  Gonzaga, M.I.S., J.A.G. Santos, N.B. Comerford, and L.Q. Ma.  2007.
        Comparison of root systems efficiency and arsenic uptake of two fern species

        Communications Soil Science Plant Analysis.  38:1163 - 1177.

2      images/PDF.gif  Gonzaga, M.I.S, J.A.G. Santos, and L.Q. Ma.  2006.
        Arsenic chemistry in the rhizosphere of Pteris vittata L. and Nephrolepis exaltata L   

        Environment Pollution.  143:254-260.

1      images/PDF.gif  Gonzaga, M.I., S, J.A.G. Santos, and L.Q. Ma.  2006.
        Arsenic phytoextraction and hyperaccumulation by fern species

        Sci. Agric.  63:.90-101.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Hardison, Donald (M.S. student -- 02/01 to 04/03)  Thesis IMAGES/up.gif

2      images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q., D.W. Hardison Jr., W.G. Harris, X. Cao, and Qixing Zhou.   2007.
        Effects of soil property and soil amendment on weathering of abraded metallic Pb in shooting ranges

        Water Air Soil Pollution.  178:297–307.

1      images/PDF.gif  Hardison Jr., D.W., L.Q. Ma, T. Luongo, and W.G. Harris.   2004.
        Lead Contamination in Shooting Range Soils from Abrasion of Lead Bullets and subsequent weathering

        Sci. Total Environment.   328:175-183.

IMAGES/bullet.gif    Kertulis, Gina (Ph.D student - 07/01 to present)IMAGES/up.gif

4      Kertulis-Tartar, G.,  L. Q. Ma, T. Chirenje and R. Cardellino.  2006.
        Arsenic Availability in Select Florida Soils Affected by Chromated Copper Arsenate.

        To be submitted.

3      images/PDF.gif  Kertulis-Tartar, G.,  Bala Rathinasabapathi and L. Q. Ma  2009.
        Characterization of glutathione reductase and catalase in the fronds of two Pteris ferns upon arsenic exposure
        Plant Phisiology Biochemsitry.

2      images/PDF.gif  Kertulis-Tartar, G.,  L. Q. Ma, C. Tu and T. Chirenje.  2006.
        Phytoremediation of an arsenic-contaminated site using Pteris vittata L: a two-year study.
        Int. J. Phytoremediation.  8:311-322.

1      images/PDF.gif  Kertulis-Tartar, G.,  L.Q. Ma, G.E. MacDonald, R. Chen, J. Winefordner, and Y. Cai.  2005.
        Arsenic speciation and transport in Pteris vittata L. and the effects on phosphate in the xylem sap.
        Environ. Exp. Bot.  54:  239–247.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Li, Ye (Ph.D student – Nankai University )IMAGES/up.gif

1      images/PDF.gif  Li, Y., Y. Zhao, S. Peng, Q. Zhou, and L.Q. Ma.  2010.  
Temporal and spatial trends of total petroleum hydrocarbons in the seawater of Bohai Bay, China from 1996 to 2005.
Marine Pollution Bulletin.  60: 238–243.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Lombi, Enzo (Scientist - CSIRO,  Australia )IMAGES/up.gif

1      images/PDF.gif  Lombi, E. F.-J. Zhao, M. Fuhrmann, L.Q. Ma and S.P. McGrath.  2002.  
        Arsenic distribution and speciation in the fronds of the hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata
        New Phytologist.  156:195–203.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Luongo, Tom (Senior Chemist-12/00 to 12/05)

1      images/PDF.gif  Luongo, L and L.Q. Ma.
        Characteristics of arsenic accumulation by Pteris and non-Pteris ferns.
        Plant Soil.  277: 117 - 126.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Ma, Lena (professor - University of Florida) IMAGES/up.gif

18   Ma, L.Q. and Y. Dong.
        Colloid deposition, release and association with heavy metals in soils
J. Critical Rev. Environ. Sci. Technol.   In  review.

17   images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q., Y. Dong and Q. Zhou.  2004.
        Relation of relative colloid stability ratio and colloid release in two lead-contaminated soils
        Water Soil Air Pollution.  160:343-355.

16   images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q. and Y. Dong.  2004. IMAGES/up.gif
        Effects of incubation on solubility and mobility of trace metals in two contaminated soils
Pollution.  130:301-307.

15   images/PDF.gif Ma, L.Q., K.M. Komar, C. Tu, W. Zhang, and Y Cai.  2001.
        * A fern that hyperaccumulates arsenic. *
        Nature.  409:579.

14   images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q., K.M. Komar, C. Tu, W. Zhang, and Y Cai. 2001.   
* A fern that hyperaccumulates arsenic-addendum. * 
        Nature.  411:438.

13   images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q. and G.N. Rao.  1999.
        Aqueous Pb reduction in Pb-contaminated soils by Florida phosphate rocks.
        Water Soil Air Pollution.  110:1-16.

12   images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q. and G.N. Rao. 1997.
        Chemical fractionation of trace metals in contaminated soils.

        J. Environ. Qual.  26:259-264.

11   images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q., F. Tan and W.G. Harris.  1997.     IMAGES/up.gif
        Concentrations and distributions of 11 elements in Florida soils.

        J. Environ. Qual.  26:769-775.

10   images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q. and G.N. Rao. 1997.
The effect of phosphate rock on sequential chemical extraction of lead in contaminated soils.

        J. Environ. Qual.  26: 788-794.

9      images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q., A.L. Choate, and G.N. Rao. 1997.
        Effects of incubation and phosphate rock on Pb extractability and speciation in contaminated soils.

        J. Environ. Qual.  26: 801-807.

8      images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q. 1996.
Factors influencing the effectiveness and stability of aqueous Pb immobilization by hydroxyapatite. IMAGES/up.gif

        J. Environ. Qual.  25:1420-1429.

7      images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q. and W.L. Lindsay. 1995.
        Estimation of Cd2+and Ni2+ activities in contaminated and uncontaminated soils by chelation.

        Geoderma.  68:123-133.

 6     images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q., T.J. Logan, and S.J. Traina. 1995.      
        Lead immobilization from aqueous solutions and contaminated soils using phosphate rocks.

        Environ. Sci. Technol.  29:1118-1126. 

5      images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q., S.J. Traina, T.J. Logan, and J.A. Ryan. 1994.  IMAGES/up.gif
        Effects of aqueous Al, Cd, Cu, Fe, Ni, and Zn on Pb immobilization by hydroxyapatite.

        Environ. Sci. Technol.  28:1219-1228.

4      images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q., T.J. Logan, S.J. Traina, and J.A.Ryan. 1994.
        Effects of NO3, Cl, F, SO4and CO3 on Pb immobilization by hydroxyapatite.

        Environ. Sci. Technol.  28:408-418.

3      images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q., S.J. Traina, T.J. Logan, and J.A. Ryan. 1993.
        In situ Pb immobilization by apatite.

        Environ. Sci. Technol.  27:1803-1810.

2      images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q. and W.L. Lindsay. 1993.
        Measurement of free Zn
2+activities in uncontaminated and contaminated soils using chelation.

        Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J.  57:963-967.

1      images/PDF.gif  Ma, L.Q. and W.L. Lindsay. 1990.   
        Divalent zinc activity in arid-zone soils by chelation.
        Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J.  54:719-722.

IMAGES/bullet.gif     Mathews, Shiny (Ph.D student -- 07/06 to present)   IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Melamed, Ricardo (Visiting scientist -- 12/00 to 02/01)   IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Natarajan,Seenivasan (Post-doc scientist -- MREC)   IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Rivero, Carmen (Visiting scientist -- 09/01 to 08/02) IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Rockwood, Don (Professor-Forest Department, UF) 

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Rathinasabapathi, Bala (Associate professor-Horticultural Sciences Department, UF)  IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Satos, Jorge (post-doc -  10/03 to 05/06)  IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Singh, Satya (post-doc -  07/98 to 05/00)  IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Singh, Nadita (Visiting scientist - 01/03 to 09/03) IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Srivastava, Mrittunjai (Post-doc - 01/03 to present) IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Tan, Zhengxi (Ph.D - University of Florida)IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Toor, G (Assistant professor - University of Florida)IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif  Tu, Cong (Post-doc - 08/99 to 05/01)

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Wang, Xin (Visiting Student - from 08/08 to 8/10)IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Wei, Shuhe (Visiting scientist – 07/06 to 06/07)IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Xiao, Chenqing (M.S. student - from 01/96 to 05/98) IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Yin, Xianqiang (Visiting student - from 10/07 to 09/09) IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Yoon, Joonki (M.S. student - from 01/96 to 05/98) IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Zeng, Xiaowen (Visiting student - from 05/07 to 08/08)IMAGES/up.gif

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IMAGES/bullet.gif     Zillioux, Ed (Scientist - Florida Power & Light)IMAGES/up.gif

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