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SOS 6262 Soil Contamination & Remediation


1. Journal information
Literature Search IMAGES/up.gif
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Web of Science: comprehensive literature search (with abstract and citation links, excellent)
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Current content: comprehensive literature search
IMAGES/bullet.gif  Science Direct by Elsevier
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Journal Citation Report: rank journals of different fields
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Scirus search engine for science by Elsevier Science (with abstracts, very good)
IMAGES/bullet.gif  Scientific and Engineering Database: search for books

UF E-databases on environmental/biological sciences IMAGES/up.gif

IMAGES/bullet.gif  MEDLINE
IMAGES/bullet.gif  Biological Abstracts
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Full Text Archive of Botany Journals
IMAGES/bullet.gif  Full Text Archive of Ecology Journals

Chemistry IMAGES/up.gif
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  CAB Abstracts
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  American Chemical Society (e-journals)

    IMAGES/bullet.gif  IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (e-journals)
IMAGES/bullet.gif  Compendex

General IMAGES/up.gif
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  WebLUIS Search System (20+ databases)
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Agricola
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Academic Index
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Springer Link A-Z (e-journals)
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Oxford Press Journals (e-journals)
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Black Synergy (e-journals)
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Cambridge University Press (e-journals)
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Royal Society of Chemistry  (e-journals)
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Cambridge Scientific Abstracts-CSA (60+ databases)

Environmental Journals  IMAGES/up.gif
IMAGES/bullet.gif Nature

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Science


     IMAGES/bullet.gif Advances in Environmental Research
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Chem. Res. Toxicol
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Environmental Pollution
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Environmental Science & Technology (one of the best)
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Geoderma
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Int. J. Phytoremediation
     IMAGES/bullet.gif J. Environmental Quality (WilsonWeb Journal Directory)
     IMAGES/bullet.gif J. Environmental Monitoring
     IMAGES/bullet.gif J. Soil & Sediment Contamination
IMAGES/bullet.gif Land Contamination & Reclamation
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Mycorrhiza
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Science Total Environment
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Water Air Soil Pollution
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Water Research

Plant IMAGES/up.gif  

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Annual Review of Plant Biology

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences
IMAGES/bullet.gif Current Genetics
IMAGES/bullet.gif Environ. & Experim. Bot
IMAGES/bullet.gif Microchemical Journal
     IMAGES/bullet.gif J. Biological Chemistry

     IMAGES/bullet.gif J. Experim. Bot.
     IMAGES/bullet.gif J. Plant Nutrition and Soil Science

·             IMAGES/bullet.gif Nature biotechnology
IMAGES/bullet.gif New phytologist
     IMAGES/bullet.gif PANS
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Plant physiology,
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Plant Physiology Biochemistry
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Plant Soil
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Planta
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Photochemistry
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Physiologia Plantarum

·        2a  GENERAL information IMAGES/up.gif

Useful web information
IMAGES/bullet.gif  Online Dictionary: Webster, excellent
IMAGES/bullet.gif  Microfost Encarta
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Wikipedia encyclopedia
IMAGES/bullet.gif  Web Elements
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Chem Finder Searching
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Chem Center Home Page
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  EPA Testing Methods for Evaluating Solids Wastes

Modeling Software
IMAGES/bullet.gif  EPA Exposure Assessment Models
IMAGES/bullet.gif   MINTEQA2 speciation model
 IMAGES/bullet.gif   VMINTEQA speciation model

     IMAGES/bullet.gif National Estuary Program -EPA
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Nationwide Superfund sites on map-EPA
IMAGES/bullet.gif Sewage World
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Water Quality Information Center-USDA

Environmental Organizations IMAGES/up.gif

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Awwa Research Foundation 
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Environmental Working Group (EWG)

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Institute of Environmental Sciences &Technology

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Global Network of Environment & Technology (GNET)

     IMAGES/bullet.gif National Council for Science and the Environment

     IMAGES/bullet.gif European Association of Chemistry and the Environment
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Florida Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

Environmental Professional Organizations IMAGES/up.gif

     IMAGES/bullet.gif American Chemical Society

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Water Environment Federation

     IMAGES/bullet.gif American Society of Soil Science

     IMAGES/bullet.gif American Society of Plant Biologists
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Florida Association of Environmental Professionals
     IMAGES/bullet.gif International Society of Trace Element Biogeochemistry
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS)

·        3a  Soil contamination & remediation IMAGES/up.gif

 Useful Soil Information

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Keys to Soil Taxonomy

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Soils and Substrates

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Soils Online


 Soil Contamination  IMAGES/up.gif

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Area-Wide Soil Contamination Task Force (pdf) from Washington State Department of Ecology
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Assessing Soil Contamination: A Reference Manual  by FAO 2000
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Groundwater and Soil Contamination Database by American Geological Institute
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Soil Contamination from European Topic Centre on Terrestrial Environment
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Soil Contamination Guidance by Environment, Health and Safety Online
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Soil Contamination and Remediation by Engineering and Science Review
     IMAGES/bullet.gif What Has Caused Soil Pollution? by European Environment Agency

  Soil Remediation Technologies  IMAGES/up.gif

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable from EPA

Publications, technology screening tools, technology cost & performance, and remediation optimization.

     IMAGES/bullet.gif  Innovations in Ground Water and Soil Cleanup (online book) by National Research Council
     IMAGES/bullet.gif  Ground Water & Soil Cleanup (online book) by National Research Council
     IMAGES/bullet.gif  Remediation solutions by of Canada (very good)
IMAGES/bullet.gif Remediation technologies: tech list by Center for Public Environmental Oversight (extensive list)

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Site Remediation by USGS

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Verification of soil remediation Michigan Department Of Natural Resources

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Water and Soil Remediation Water Information Center

  Soil Remediation Programs

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Soil Target Cleanup Levels in Florida by FDEP

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Bioremediation Discussion Group by Schaffner Applied BioGeoSciences

     IMAGES/bullet.gif DOD Environmental Security Technology Certification Program

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Superfund Basic Research Program

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Strategic Environmental Research & Development Program (SERDP) from DOD

     IMAGES/bullet.gif 2 The 4 Technology Solutions by David B. Vance

Environmental issues, remediation technology, and biogeochemical dynamics of the subsurface

  Soil Remediation Programs-EPA IMAGES/up.gif

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Brownfields restoration program

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Environmental Technology Opportunities Portal

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Environmental Technology Verification Program

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Hazardous Waste Clean-Up Information (CLU-IN) (excellent site)

         Remediaiton, characterization & monitoring, Publications, Databases, Techdirect and Newsletters
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Remediation Technologies Development Forum (RTDF)

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Soil Screening Guidance

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Superfund Program

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Site Remediation Technology InfoBase

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Innovative Technologies


General information 
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Bioremediation and Phytoremediation Glossary
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Phytoremediation Bibliography by EPA (most comprehensive literature)

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Phytoremediation Information by Missouri Botanical Garden (Articles, conferences, and other information)

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Phytonet by University of Parma (Bibliographies, publications, projects and organizations)
IMAGES/bullet.gif Plant biotechnology for remediation publications by COST action 837
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Phytoremediation research by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Phytoremediation: using plants to clean up soils by USDA
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Phytoremediation program by Utah State University
     IMAGES/bullet.gif EPA citizens' guide to phytoremediation


Research publications-pdf IMAGES/up.gif 
Assessment of phytoremediation as an in-situ technique for cleaning oil-contaminated sites
Phytoremediation Techbology Evaluation Report by GWRTAC

Commercial application

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Pyhtoremediation Market Report by David J. Glass
     IMAGES/bullet.gif EdenSpace Corporation
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Phytokinetics Inc
     IMAGES/bullet.gif Ecolotree

·        3c  Arsenic & LEAd information IMAGES/up.gif

CCA Research
CCA Research in Florida by Florida Center

     IMAGES/bullet.gif CCA treated wood special report by Waste Age
Ban CCA Organization

Arsenic Information

     IMAGES/bullet.gif Arsenic Crisis Information Center (comprehensive site)
Arsenic and arsenic compounds by World Health Organization
Arsenic in Groundwater by USGS
Treatment Technologies for Arsenic–Soils, Waste and Water report by EPA
Gardening on Lead- and Arsenic-Contaminated Soils report by F.J. Peryea

Shooting Range

    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Lead Contamination in Soil at Outdoor Firing Ranges by university of Princeton (with good information)
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Best management practices for environmental stewardship of Florida shooting ranges by FDEP
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  Best management practices for lead at outdoor shooting ranges by USEPA
    IMAGES/bullet.gif  National Sport Shooting Foundation