Emeritus Faculty

Dave V. Calvert

Professor Emeritus, Soil Chemistry and Fertility

Indian River Research and Education Center


Program Areas

Departmental Research Areas:

  • Management of Nutrients, Pesticides, and Waste

Research focus:
Studies chemistry, fertility, and soil-water management with citrus grown in the sub-tropical and tropical poorly-drained ecological systems (Florida Flatwoods soils). Interests in increased mineral element use efficiency in citrus production while reducing movement of agrichemicals to the environment.


Select Publications
  • Calvert, D.V. 1975. Nitrate, phosphate, and potassium movement into drainage lines under three soil management systems. J. Environ. Qual., 4:183-186.
  • Calvert, D.V., Stewart, E.H., Mansell, R.S., Fiskell, J.G.A., Allen, L.H. Jr., and Graetz, D.A. 1981. Leaching losses of nitrate and phosphate from a spodosol as influenced by tillage and irrigation level. Soil and Crop Sci. Soc. of Fla., Proc., 40:62-71.
  • He, Z.L., Alva, A.K., Calvert, D.V., and Banks, D.J. 1999. Ammonia volatilization from different fertilizer sources and effects of temperature and soil pH. Soil Science, 164:750-758.
  • He, Z.L., Alva, A.K., Calvert, D.V., Li, Y.C., and Banks, D.J. 1999. Effects of nitrogen fertilization of grapefruit trees on soil acidification and nutrient availability in a Riviera fine sand. Plant and Soil, 206:11-19.

Dave Calvert, Emeritus Faculty, Soil and Water Sciences Department, University of Florida


email: calvert@ufl.edu