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17th Annual Soil and Water Sciences Research Forum

September 15, 2016

‌J. Wayne Reitz Union - Rion Ballroom

Student Competition Winners

  • Best Oral Presentation (1 award):
    Anne Sexton (advisors Samira Daroub and Jehangir “Jango” Bhadha)
  • Best Graduate Student Poster Presentation (4 awards, alphabetical):
    Evandro B. da Silva (advisors Lena Ma and Ann Wilkie)
    Peng Gao (advisors Lena Ma and Patrick Chris Wilson)
    Katie McCurley (advisor James Jawitz)
    Katsutoshi Mizuta (advisor Sabine Grunwald)
  • Best Undergraduate Poster Presentation (1 award):
    Chelsea Hazlett (advisors Susan Curry, Kimberly La Pierre, Ellen L. Simms)
Guidelines for Preparing an Oral Presentation
  • Ph.D. Soil and Water Sciences Students who were selected to give an oral presentation have until August 26th to submit abstract of presentation.
  • Guidelines for abstracts
  • All oral presentations, including time for questions should be no longer than 15 minutes total, here is a breakdown to follow (12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for questions). Approximately 15-20 PowerPoint slides.
  • Please review the evaluation form to prepare for the judging process.
  • Please review the branding website to determine appropriate UF/IFAS logo to use on PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Tips for preparing oral presentations: Effective Oral Presentations
Guidelines for Preparing a Poster Presentation

Help Minimize Waste at This Event!

The Soil and Water Sciences Department is committed to improving the health of our soils by composting all biodegradable materials from this year’s Research Forum, including coffee grounds, food waste, and shredded paper.  All compost-friendly waste will be processed by the Student Compost Cooperative, creating an organic soil amendment to feed the future. Be sure to use the appropriate composting and recycling containers during the event. For more information, visit the Student Compost Cooperative at or on Facebook at


For questions, email Dr. James Jawitz: