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The Wetland Biogeochemistry Laboratory (WBL) is a research unit within the Soil and Water Science Department at the University of Florida. The mission of the (WBL) is: 'To achieve excellence in teaching, research and extension/outreach activities on biogeochemical cycles in wetlands and aquatic ecosystems, and promote science-based decision-making in environmental policy development and natural resource regulation'

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K. Ramesh Reddy
Wetland Biogeochemistry Laboratory,
Soil and Water Sciences Department,
University of Florida, Gainesville, US

Ronald D. DeLaune
Wetland Biogeochemistry Institute,
Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences,
School of Coast and Environment,
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA


Wetland Biogeochemistry Laboratory,
University of Florida
2181 McCarty Hall A, Box 110290
Gainesville, Florida 32611; Telephone 352-294-3151
Soil and Water Science Department