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Wetlands are an integral part of watersheds and play a critical role in regulating water quality. Increasing pressures from agriculture and urban development on water quality of wetlands and associated watersheds is of major concern. This growing concern and the need to protect the state's water resources have heightened the need for public awareness and the application of innovative methods to address this issue, a perfect (though complex) opportunity for Extension. The WBL Extension program uses a four-pronged approach to address critical water quality issues in wetlands and associated watersheds.

The WBL extension activities include:

1) Increase public awareness of wetland resources in the state and the role wetlands play in affecting water quality in watersheds.

2) Integrate new wetlands and enhance the function of existing wetlands in agricultural and developing landscapes to improve water quality.

3) Emphasize the need to address water quality issues at the watershed scale.

4) Link the above efforts to existing and forthcoming Federal and State regulatory mandates such as Phase II NPDES Stormwater regulations, TMDLs and minimum flows and levels.

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Contact: Dr. Mark Clark, 352-294-3115,

Wetland Biogeochemistry Laboratory, University of Florida
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