Soil is home to millions of microorganisms, most of which are very important for healthy plant growth. Most of these microorganisms influence soil fertility and plant productivity through decomposition and nutrient recycling, but some, such as mycorrhizal fungi and nitrogen fixing bacteria, directly interact with plants and promote their growth. Testing the quality and quantity of these important microorganisms is a very valuable option in optimizing plant growth.

The Soil Microbiology Extension Program at the University of Florida offers a range of services including: Soil Biology Tests, Field Surveys, Training Courses, and Supply of Mycorrhizal Inoculum.

Summer short course and workshop trainings for large or small groups of organic farmers, scientists, researchers, students, or other interests can be organized on the University of Florida campus or on your field. Training will include technical procedures for mycorrhizal inoculum manipulation and spores isolation. Also, training will include teachings to estimate mycorrhizal colonization and fungal identification. See the Applications and Analyses of Mycorrhizal Associations short course page for details on the annual on-campus course, and contact us for information on customized trainings.