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You Can Help: Volunteer

The UF Clean Water campaign is always looking for volunteers who are committed to making a difference for campus waterbodies.

Label Storm Drains

Storm drain marking is usually conducted by a small group of people, divided into pairs or groups of three. This allows one person to survey each drain for nearby pollutants, while another prepares and places the marker.

If you see a storm drain that needs a replacement marker, or if you or your organization would like to label an area of campus that has not yet been labeled, please contact Dr. Mark Clark.

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Monitor Campus Water Quality

Every month, student volunteers collect data on the water quality of creeks, ponds and lakes on the UF main campus. Sampling is a great way to see some less frequented areas of campus and fantastic Florida wildlife!

There are three ways a volunteer can help in sampling:

  1. In the lab: preparation of filters and sample materials
  2. In the field: visiting the 15 sampling campus and golf cart locations to collect water samples, and record data measured by a multi-probe sensor
  3. In the lab: preparing samples for professional analysis

Before you can participate in a monthly sampling event, you must attend a training session to review the equipment and processes. New volunteers will be matched with experienced samplers. Because of the training involved, a multi-month commitment from volunteers is preferred. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Mark Clark for training details.

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Creek Clean-up Events

Each semester, the UF Wetlands Club hosts an organized cleanup on Tumblin Creek, a creek that flows through the UF campus and exits on the SE side, heading toward Bivens Arm Lake.

There are also special cleanup events held in campus natural areas as part of organized service events.

The Wetlands Club Tumblin Creek Cleanup in Spring 2004. Photo by Mike Mitchell.

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Education and Outreach

Group and Class Presentations

The UF Clean Water Campaign gives presentations to classes, student organizations, and residence halls about campus water quality. If you are interested in helping conduct these presentations, or if you know of a class or group that would be interested in having a presentation, please contact Dr. Mark Clark.

The Clean Water Campaign hosts an Earth Day information table at the Reitz Union.

Special Events

The Campaign also hosts information tables at university events, including the annual Earth Day Festival. We are always looking for volunteers who can answer expertly answer water quality questions at these events. If interested, please contact Dr. Mark Clark.

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A pair place a storm drain marker outside the Reitz Union. Photo by Mike Mitchell.
Marking Storm Drains

More Information

Every month, students collect data and water samples across campus. Photo by Ondine Wells.
Monitoring campus water quality

More Information
  • Detailed information in what is involved in the monitoring process, and summaries of 2004 and 2005 sampling results.