University of Florida

Prevention: Water Quality Monitoring

he UF Campus Water Quality Monitoring (CWQ) program was launched in May 2003 by faculty and students of the UF Wetlands Club to collect data on the water quality of creeks, ponds and lakes on the UF main campus. While it retains its tie to the Wetlands Club, CWQ is now part of the larger UF Clean Water Campaign.

Available Data: May 2003 - July 2009 (389KB xls)

The map below shows the 20 sampling sites around campus .

Campus Water Quality Map

How It Works

Every month volunteers collect water samples from 20 sites throughout campus. Water is tested for 12 parameters including temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, total suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Why are we monitoring water on the UF campus?

Prior to the UF Clean Water Campaign, there were no efforts to regularly collect data on the campus waters. Without data, it was impossible to tell if the campus waters were being polluted. The campus water quality monitoring program provides the public with data to inform future decisions regarding stormwater management and pollution prevention.