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Nutrient Management Program Lab

Nutrient Management Program Lab

Welcome to the Nutrient Management Program

Agriculture, natural resources, and food industries, valued at nearly $168 billion annually (Court et. al, 2016), are the second-largest contributors to Florida’s economy, after Tourism. Protection of water quality, therefore, is critical for all these economic drivers. Nutrient losses from agricultural operations to both ground and surface waters have been identified as potential sources of diffuse pollution, negatively impacting the quality of Florida’s water bodies.

Dr. Rao Mylavarapu leads the Sustainable NutrientSystems program, the first position ever to be filled in the Soil and Water Sciences Department with responsibility for developing and delivering highly visible programs aimed at promoting economically and environmentally sustainable agricultural production and minimizing nutrient impacts on water quality.

The research component addresses critical nutrient management issues such as crop nutrient requirements, soil and tissue testing, nutrient-related environmental concerns, and interdependence with water management.

The extension program takes a lead in developing and executing progressive and highly visible educational programs in the area of nutrient management targeted to the public and private sectors and to the agricultural, urban, and environmental communities. This program emphasizes environmentally responsible nutrient management in the production of major agronomic and horticultural crops produced in Florida.