Leon County:

Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park

Elinor Klapp_Phills Park in Leon County

Size: 509 acres (Northwest Florida Water Management District), 162 acres (City of Tallahassee)

Location:The Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park is on Millers Landing Road, west of Meridian Road north of Tallahassee.

Purpose of Acquisition:the 509 acres that make up the District's portion of the tract were purchased to preserve and protect the water quality of Lake Jackon and its ecosystems. The City of Tallahassee purchased the adjacent 162 acres east of the District's property and this area is used for active recreation such as soccer and other sports. The Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park, coupled with the Lake Overstreet property (purchased by the State of Florida and the city) and Maclay Gardens, form a unique greenway corridor stretching more than four miles across Leon County immediately north of Tallahassee. Various ecological and habitat restorations and projected for this area.

Recreational opportunities: Horseback riding is allowed with a city permit on designated existing roadways, wildlife viewing and nature study, casual bicycling, walking, jogging, fishing, cross-country running and bird watching are available. Off-road bicycling is also available but is confined to the "red bug" trail on city property. The active recreation areas consist of soccer and other ball fields which are utilized for organized public recreation.

Unique Geological Features: lakeshore, rolling uplands

Plants You Might See: yellow poplar, American beech

Wildlife You Might See: wood stork, wild turkey, bobcat, gopher tortoise

For more information: Call the City of Tallahassee, Parks and Recreation at (850)-891-3975. The park manager can provide maps of various trails and a limited number of permits for horseback riding.

Excerpted from: "Exploring District Lands." Published by the Northwest Florida Water Management District, 2000.

Their Disclaimer: "The users of this recreational guide should keep in mind that lands owned by the District are undergoing changes and refinements to improve recreational opportunities. Please contact the District's Land Division if you have questions or would like more information regarding specific recreational activities or facilities available for a particular area."

Northwest Florida Water Management District
Division of Land Management and Acquisition
81 Water Management Drive
Havana, Florida 32333.
Phone: (850)-539-59999

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