Wetland sciences research has proliferated over the past two decades. Many academic institutions now include wetland studies in their curriculums. The University of Florida is a globally recognized leader in studies of wetland mitigation, wetland nutrient cycling, biogeochemical indicators and treatment wetlands for wastewater and stormwater runoff.

Links to wetlands research activities, including programs on the University of Florida campus and around the state can be found below. Several prominent wetlands programs at the University of Florida and throughout the nation are also provided. To include another program on this list, please contact the Webmaster.

Research in Natural Wetlands

At the University of Florida
Off campus

Southwest Florida Water Managment District projects

Research on Wetlands Mitigation and Policy Issues

Off campus

Research on Treatment Wetlands and Wetland Enhancement Research

At the University of Florida

Research Programs at the University of Florida

Other Wetland Research Programs throughout the state and nation

Wetland research at other Florida universities
Government and non-profit wetlands research in Florida

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