Santa Rosa County:

Garcon Point

(gar- saun)

Garcon Point in Santa Rosa County

Size: 1,942 acres

Location: This 1,942-acre tract, approximately 30 minutes east of Pensacola, is art of a peninsula that separates East Bay and Escambia Bay.

Purpose of Acquisition:Garcon Point's primary water quality attribute is its natural ability to filter stormwater runoff from adjacent lands to East Bay, protecting the water quality of the bay's estuarine and marine ecosystems. Garcon Point primarily consists of wet prairie habitat which contains several rare and endangered species. Rare carnivorous pitcher plants, sundews and spectacular displays of wildflowers occur on the tract during spring and summer months.

Recreational opportunities: Bird watching, hiking, beach walking, beach fishing and nature study are possible on the tract.

Unique Geological Features: coastal marsh

Plants You Might See: yellow pitcher plant, sundews, toothache grass, pine lily

Wildlife You Might See: great blue heron, southeastern kestrel, marsh rabbit

Excerpted from: "Exploring District Lands." Published by the Northwest Florida Water Management District, 2000.

Their Disclaimer: "The users of this recreational guide should keep in mind that lands owned by the District are undergoing changes and refinements to improve recreational opportunities. Please contact the District's Land Division if you have questions or would like more information regarding specific recreational activities or facilities available for a particular area."

Northwest Florida Water Management District
Division of Land Management and Acquisition
81 Water Management Drive
Havana, Florida 32333.
Phone: (850)-539-59999

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