Featured New Faculty: Masanori Fujimoto

By Jessica Southard Pardo, Communications Specialist, Soil and Water Sciences Department  Since Masanori Fujimoto was a small child, he always wanted to understand things – how does this work, why does that look a certain way, how did this form? That juvenile curiosity led to a passion for answering those questions, and ultimately, his brand-new position as a Research Assistant Professor here in Soil and Water Sciences.

Sustainable Agriculture at the South Florida Fair

Jango Bhadha, Assistant Professor in the Soil and Water Sciences Department, Everglades Research and Education Center, has been involved in organizing a booth at the South Florida Fair in the 'Discover the Outdoors' tent. The display is all about sustainable agricultural practices and trying to educate folks about the importance of farming in the Glades area, according to Bhadha. Here is a


Celebrate Florida Arbor Day

By Jessica Pardo, Communications Specialist, SWS Tomorrow, January 20th, the Sunshine State celebrates Arbor Day – a day set aside for people to plant and care for trees, as they are reminded of the importance of Florida’s forests. Arbor Day, which is nationally celebrated on the last Friday in April, has been (unofficially) celebrated since 1872. It began when J. Sterling Morton, an avid agriculturist who had recently




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