A Global Spectral Library to Characterize the World’s Soil

By Dr. Sabine Grunwald Working with a global team of researchers, we synthesized a spectral dataset and measured soil data to model various critical soil indicators at a global scale. The study focused on modeling of various soil attributes, such as soil organic and inorganic carbon, clay, silt, sand and iron contents, cation exchange capacity, and pH, using a global soil


National Soil Carbon Assessment

By Dr. Sabine Grunwald Soil Carbon Assessment across the United States Soils may act as a source or sink for atmospheric CO2 but the uncertainty related to accurate assessment of the spatial variation of soil carbon in the U.S. is still very high. To fill this research gap we assessed soil organic carbon stocks across the U.S. A gridded soil carbon model was produced using soil organic carbon observations, remote sensing


Soil Carbon in Florida

By Dr. Sabine Grunwald Research on soil-landscape modeling of soil organic carbon provided the first high-resolution soil organic carbon (SOC) assessment for the State of Florida. SOC is critical to sustain soil health and security, it enhances soil nutrient holding to reduce adverse impacts to the environment, and mitigates the effects of global climate change. In this




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