The Soil and Water Sciences Department holds a weekly seminar series on Mondays at 3pm when classes are in session. As part of this series, MS and PhD students give exit seminars on their research. The department also invites speakers from among current faculty, other UF departments, and other institutions, including hosting several Distinguished Speaker seminars each year.  

Departmental seminars are open to the public and are streamed live and recorded for later viewing.

Spring 2019 Seminars

Time and Location: 3pm, McCarty Hall A, Room G186 unless otherwise noted.

January 21 - No Seminar (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

January 28 - Mark Albrecht (UF Invited Speaker Seminar)
Hazardous Waste Management in UF Research Laboratories

February 4 - No Seminar

February 11 - Katie Tanner and Corey Graf (UF Invited Speakers Seminar)
Balancing Life, Academics, and Career

February 18 -  Dr. Rao Mylavarapu (UF Invited Speaker Seminar)
International Collaborations- A Couple of Experiences

February 25 - No Seminar

March 4 - No Seminar (UF Spring Break)

March 11 - Dr. Dietrich Borchardt (Distinguished Speaker Seminar)
Trajectories toward Global Water Security

March 18 - No Seminar

March 25 - Claire Friedrichsen (PhD - Dissertation Graduate Student Exit Seminar)
Identifying Communication Barriers to Successful Implementation of Soil and Water Technology for Improving Food Security

April 1 - No Seminar

April 8 - Traci Goodhart (MS - Thesis Graduate Student Exit Seminar)
Examining the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Stormwater Pollutants in an Urbanized Watershed of Northwest Florida

April 15 - John Santiago (MS - Thesis Graduate Student Exit Seminar)
Influence of Rootstock, Propagation Method, and Soil Type on Citrus Rhizosphere Composition

April 22 - Andressa Freitas (PhD - Dissertation Graduate Student Exit Seminar)
Phosphorus Release from Biochar of Various Feedstocks: Implications for Land Management


Archived Seminar Recordings

Water, Wetlands, and Watersheds Seminar Series

Offered during the fall and spring semesters, Wednesdays 11:45am-12:35pm, at the Howard T. Odum Center for Wetlands, Conference Room, Phelps Lab 101. Seminars are open to the public.

See the Spring 2019 schedule and recordings of the seminars, and recordings of previous semesters.

This seminar series is presented by the Howard T. Odum Center for Wetlands, the Water Institute and the Soil & Water Sciences Department.

Invited Speaker Seminars

The SWSD invites individual UF faculty members, alumni, and non UF speakers the opportunity to present a seminar several times each semester. These include inaugural seminars to recognize SWSD faculty contributions to the department and celebrate their promotion in their professional career, focusing on key accomplishments, vision and future direction, and innovative ideas to move the department to the next level of excellence. All SWSD students and faculty, and the general public, are encouraged to attend these presentations. See archived recordings.

Student Seminars

Student Seminars are open to the public. All SWSD students and faculty are expected to attend weekly seminars. See archived recordings.

Student Examinations

Thesis/Dissertation Defenses, Qualifying Exams, and Oral Final Exams are open to interested faculty, staff, and students, and are announced at least 10 days in advance.

Spring 2019 Exams:

Hanh Nguyen - PhD Oral Qualifying Exam - April 19th - 9:00 am - 12:00 pm - 3177 McCarty Hall A

Andressa Freitas - PhD Defense - April 23rd - 8:30 am - 12:30 pm - 2175 McCarty Hall A