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Aquatic and Wetland Biogeochemistry

Aquatic and Wetland Biogeochemistry



I first became interested in aquatic systems and biogeochemistry while working in the Wetlands Protection Section at the Environmental Protection Agency. My undergrad major was Biology at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and my mentor was the plant ecologist Lloyd Dunn.

I decided to minor in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences to capture more geochemistry, and I did some salt marsh research in the lab of Philippe Van Cappellen. I could think of no better place for graduate school in Wetland Biogeochemistry than the University of Florida with Ramesh Reddy.

I worked on research projects of nitrogen cycling and focused my dissertation work on understanding patterns and processes affecting stable N isotope signatures. After 10 years, I am now tenured in the same department where I got my degree. It's not all fun and games, but I still love teaching classes and mentoring students through research.