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IFAS Analytical Services Laboratories

The Research Labs are comprised of the Analytical Research Laboratory (ARL) and the Environmental Water Quality Laboratory (EWQL). The ARL offers all researchers quality analytical services through a variety of standard and specialized tests. EWQL Offers researchers a variety of Certified Analyses on Non-Potable Water.  More>>

Extension Testing Services Laboratories

The Extension Labs are comprised of Extension Soil Testing Laboratory (ESTL) and the Livestock Waste Testing Laboratory (LWTL).  The ESTL offers the citizens of the state of Florida a large selection of high quality soil tests depending up on your type of cultivation.  The LWTL offers the citizens of the state of Florida high quality tests and nutrient recommendations based on your Livestock Waste samples. More>>

Diagnostic Laboratories

Soil and Water Sciences Diagnostic Laboratories provide researchers with environmental pedology, mass spectrometry, microbial ecology, soil chemistry, wetlands  biogeochemistry and other core analysis equpment and expertise. More>>