Research Areas

  • Soil Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Assessment
  • Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change
  • Carbon Dynamics and Modeling
  • Bioenergy
  • Soil Quality
  • Microbial and Chemical Diversity
  • Risk Assessment
  • Development and Evaluation of Ecological Indicators

Faculty Contacts

NameArea of SpecializationLocationContact
Allan Bacon Environmental Pedology Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3119
Sabine Grunwald GIS and Land Resources Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3145
Willie Harris Soil Mineralogy Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3110
Patrick Inglett Biogeochemistry of Wetlands & Aquatic Systems Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3170
Jonathan Judy Soil and Water Chemistry Campus (Gainesville)
Hui Ling (Sunny) Liao Soil Microbial Ecology/Environmental Microbiology North Florida REC (Quincy)
Cheryl Mackowiak Nutrient Management and Water Quality North Florida REC (Quincy)
(850) 875-7126
Gabriel Maltais-Landry Sustainable Nutrient Management Systems Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3159
Rao Mylavarapu Soil and Nutrient Management Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3113
Vimala Nair Environmental Chemistry Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3137
Andrew Ogram Microbial Ecology and Molecular Biology Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3138
Todd Osborne Coastal Biogeochemistry Whitney Lab (St. Augustine)
(352) 294-3161
K. Ramesh Reddy Biogeochemistry Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 392-1951
Laura Reynolds Coastal Ecology Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3165
Ashley Smyth Biogeochemistry Tropical REC (Homestead)
(786) 217-9291
Sarah Strauss Soil Microbiology Southwest Florida REC (Immokalee)
(239) 658-3468
Ann Wilkie Bioenergy and Sustainable Technology Campus (Gainesville)
Wes Wood Carbon and Nutrient Cycling West Florida REC (Milton)
(850) 983-7126
Alan Wright Soil and Water Quality Indian River REC (Ft. Pierce)
(561) 993-1555