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Funding for Prospective Graduate Students

Each Fall, several matching assistantships for students, Grinter Fellowships of $2,000 - $4,000, and Graduate School funding awards of $30,000 (over four years) are awarded to outstanding new students in Soil and Water Sciences. Additional or alternative funding may be available contingent upon faculty members' individual research programs (see current available opportunities below). Application to the graduate program automatically qualifies you for funding consideration, provided you have included the Application for Assistantship with your application documents.

Current Assistantships

Graduate Student Assistantship in Soil Sustainability and Water Quality - Dr. Bhadha

BMP Positions in Soil Fertility and Sustainable Agriculture - Dr. Sharma

Postdoctoral Fellow in Soil Health and Sustainability - Dr. Bhadha

Graduate Student Award for Doctoral Studies in Urban Soil and Water Systems - Dr. Lusk

Doctoral Graduate Assistantship in Sustainable Nutrient Management in Vegetable Systems - Dr. Maltias-Landry

Doctoral Research Assistantship in Soil and Water Chemistry - Dr. Judy

Undergraduate Research and Education Positions for Harnessing Microbes for Sustaninable Food Production - Dr's Fujimoto and Wilkie

Doctoral Research Assistantship and a Postdoc position for ectomycorrhizal fungal-plant interactions - Dr. Liao (North FL REC)

M.S. Research Assistantship in Biogeochemistry of Deep Soil Carbon - Dr's Bacon and Inglett

Distance education students are not supported by departmental or faculty funding; however, they are eligible for competitive departmental scholarships (see SWSD Scholarships below), which range between $500 and $1,000.

See the page for deadlines and instructions on applying to graduate programs.

Funding for Current Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Each of the links below contain a vast range of competitive scholarships and awards available to current graduate or undergraduate students at the University of Florida. Take time to look through them, it may pay off!

SWSD Scholarships and Awards:

Please direct any questions regarding application to award programs to the appropriate contact listed on the individual award or scholarship application.

  • Application Instructions for Graduate Student Awards

    Please send all application materials to Michael Sisk by the deadline.  SNRE students are not eligible for these departmental awards.

    Application packet must consist of two (2) items:

    1. A one-paragraph self-nomination statement from student identifying award(s) for which they are applying and qualifications.
    2. The adviser submits a simple endorsement (no longer than 1 paragraph). If applications and/or endorsements are longer than 1 paragraph, only the first paragraph will be considered by committee.