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Ann C. Wilkie

Research Professor
Bioenergy and Sustainable Technology
Biogas - A Renewable Biofuel


Program Areas

Departmental Research Areas:

Research focus:
Investigates and develops bioremediation techniques for agricultural and industrial wastes, with emphasis on the microbial and environmental factors influencing biodegradation. Current focus includes livestock waste management technology for odor control, energy production, nutrient recovery and water quality improvement.


Select Publications
  • Wilkie, A.C., Smith, P.H. and Bordeaux, F.M. (2004). An economical bioreactor for evaluating biogas potential of particulate biomass. Bioresource Technology 92(1):103 109.
  • Wilkie, A.C. (2003). Anaerobic digestion of flushed dairy manure. In: Proceedings - Anaerobic Digester Technology Applications in Animal Agriculture - A National Summit, p.350-354. Water Environment Federation, Alexandria, Virginia, 2003.
  • Hanselman, T.A., Graetz, D.A. and Wilkie, A.C. (2003). Manure-borne estrogens as potential environmental contaminants: A review. Environmental Science & Technology 37(24):5471-5478..
  • Wilkie, A.C. and Mulbry, W.W. (2002). Recovery of dairy manure nutrients by benthic freshwater algae. Bioresource Technology 84(1):81-91.
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