Ginnie Springs photo by IFAS


Research Areas

  • Elemental Cycling and Biogeochemistry
  • Subaqueous Soils
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Soil-Water-Plant Relationships
  • Restoration of Wetlands and Lakes

Faculty Contacts

NameArea of SpecializationLocationContact
Jehangir Bhadha Soil, Water & Nutrient Management  Everglades REC (Belle Glade)
(561) 993-1711
Mark Clark Wetland Ecology  Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3115
Masanori Fujimoto Aquatic Microbial Ecology Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3131
Kanika Sharma Inglett Environmental Microbiology Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3164
Patrick Inglett Biogeochemistry Wetlands & Aquatic Systems Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3170
Jim Jawitz Environmental Hydrology Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3141
Julie Meyer Marine Microbial Ecology Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 273-8195
Andrew Ogram Microbial Ecology and Molecular Biology Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3138
Todd Osborne Estuarine Biogeochemistry and Ecology Whitney Lab (St. Augustine)
(352) 294-3161
K. Ramesh Reddy Biogeochemistry Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 392-1951
Laura Reynolds Coastal Ecology Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 294-3165
Max Teplitski Microbial Ecology and Molecular Biology Campus (Gainesville)
(352) 273-8189
Alan Wright Soil and Water Quality Indian River REC (Ft. Pierce)
(561) 993-1555