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Andy Ogram

Professor, Soil Microbiology
Soil Microbial Ecology Laboratory

Program Areas

  • Teaching
    • SOS 2008 - Land and Life
    • SWS 4303/5305C - Soil Microbial Ecology
    • SWS 4550/5551 Soils, Water, and Public Health
    • SWS 6323 - Advanced Microbial Ecology
  • Research

    Departmental Research Areas:

    Research focus:
    Studies the adaptation of microbial communities to human impacts, including shifts in microbial community structure in upland and wetland soils. Research interests also include the molecular evolution xenobiotic-degrading genes and mobile DNA elements in soil bacteria. 

  • Extension

    Short Course - Soil Microbiology: Applications and Analyses of Mycorrhizal Associations

    This hands-on training course is designed for scientists, organic farmers, and others interested in the practical and theoretical aspects of using mycorrhizal fungi to enhance plant growth and nutrient cycling. Since 2014 the three day course has been held each summer in July.

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Curriculum Vitae

CV Andy Ogram

Andy Ogram


Mailing Address:
Soil and Water Sciences Department
2181 McCarty Hall, PO Box 110290
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611

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(352) 294-3138
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