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Ashley Smyth

Assistant Professor, Biogeochemistry
Tropical Research and Education Center
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Program Areas

  • Research

    Departmental Research Areas:

    Research focus:

    My research includes aspects of biogeochemistry, microbial ecology and marine ecology. I use field observations and laboratory manipulation experiments to understand how environmental change and disturbance influence the fate and transport of nutrients in coastal and marine ecosystems.

  • Extension

    My extension program focuses on increasing public awareness regarding climate predictions for South Florida.


  • Selected Publications
    • Smyth, A.R., N.R. Geraldi, S.P. Thompson, M.F. Piehler. 2016. Biological activity exceeds biogenic structure in influencing sediment denitrification in experimental oyster reefs. Marine Ecology Progress Series 530:173-183 [doi: 10.3354/meps11922].
    • Smyth, A.R., N.R. Geraldi, M.F. Piehler. 2013. Oyster-mediated benthic-pelagic coupling modifies nitrogen pools and processes. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 493:23-30 [doi: 10.3354/meps10516].
    • Smyth, A.R., S. P. Thompson, K.N. Siporin+, W. S. Gardner, M. J. McCarthy, M. F. Piehler. Assessing nitrogen dynamics throughout the estuarine landscape. 2013. Estuaries and Coasts 63 (1): 44-55 [doi:10.1007/s12237-012-9554-3].
    • Grabowski, J.H., R.D. Brumbaugh, R. Conrad, A.G. Keeler, J. Opaluch, C.H. Peterson, M.F. Piehler, S.P. Powers, A.R. Smyth. 2012. Economic valuation of ecosystem services provided by oyster reefs. Bioscience 61(10): 900-909 [doi: 10.1525/bio.2012.62.10.10]
    • Piehler, M.F., A.R. Smyth. 2011. Habitat-specific distinctions in estuarine denitrification affect both ecosystem function and services. Ecosphere 2:art12. [doi:10.1890/ES10-00082.1]. Featured in ESA’s Centennial Special among most notable articles. Faculty of 1000 Recommended Article
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Ashley Smyth


Tropical Research and Education Center
University of Florida
18905 SW 280th Street
Homestead, FL 33031-3314

(786) 217-9291
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