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Patrick Inglett

Professor, Biogeochemistry, Wetlands and Aquatic Systems
Honors Coordinator
Aquatic and Wetland Biogeochemistry Group

Program Areas

  • Teaching
    • SWS4223/5224 Environmental Biogeochemistry
    • SWS6456 Advanced Biogeochemistry
    • SWS6932 Journal Colloquium in Biogeochemistry
  • Research

    Departmental Research Areas:

    • Management of Nutrients, Pesticides, and Wastes
    • Soil Quality/Ecosystem Services
    • Wetlands and Aquatic Systems
    • Remediation of Contaminated Soils, Waters, and Aquifers

    Research focus:
    Research thus far has dealt with the measurement and understanding of in situ rates of biogeochemical processes involving carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur cycling. Ecosystems of interest include both salt and freshwater wetland marshes, lakes, rivers, and springs. A combination of traditional nutrient and flux analyses, enzyme activities, novel microscopic and isotopic approaches are utilized. More recent studies have focused on measurement of cyanobacterial mat nitrogenase activity, the use of stable isotopes (natural abundance and enriched levels) to infer biogeochemical processes and trace the fate of nutrients, and measurements of bacterial production and dissolved organic matter interactions in aquatic systems. The ultimate goal of this research is to better understand how environmental factors control biogeochemical reactions in landscape settings.


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Curriculum Vitae

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Patrick Inglett


Mailing Address:
Soil and Water Sciences Department
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University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611

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