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Jehangir Bhadha

Assistant Professor, Soil, Water & Nutrient Management
Everglades Research and Education Center
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  • Select Publications
    • Xu, N., Bhadha, J.H., Rabbany, A., Swanson, S., McCray, M.J., Li, Y.C., Strauss, S.L., Mylavarapu, R. 2021. Crop nutrition and yield response of bagasse application of sugarcane grown on a mineral soil. Agronomy. 11, 1526.
    • Alvarez, D.A., Cadavid, N.A., Childs, C.A., Cupelli, M.F., De Leao, V.A., Diaz, A.M., Eldridge, S.A., Elhabashy, Y.B., Fleming, A.E., Fox, N.A., Franco, M., Gaspari, J.C., Gerstin, I.M., Gibson, K.A., Huott, A.L., Johnson, A.O., Majhess, E.G., Mantilla, G., Perez, G.S., Prieto, J.J., Reutter, B.C., Rivera, E.I., Rootes, T.R., Sellers, J., Streibig A.M., Wilkinson, J.S., Zayas-Bazan, S., Bhadha, J.H., Clum, A., Daum, C., Glavina del Rio T., Lail, K., Roux, S., Eloe-Fadrosh, E.A., Benskin, J.B. 2021. Metagenomes from the Loxahatchee wildlife refuge in the Florida Everglades. bioRxiv.
    • Bhadha, J.H., Xu, N., Rabbany, A., Amgain, N.R., Capasso, J., Korus, K., Swanson, S. 2021. On-farm soil health assessment of cover-cropping in Florida. Sustainable Agriculture Research Journal. 10(2): 17-32.
    • Ma, C., Zhao, C., Mwagona, P.C., Li, Z., Liu, Z., Dou, H., Zhou, X., Bhadha, J.H. 2021. Bottom-up and top-down effects on phytoplankton functional groups in Hulun, China. Ann. Limnol. - International Journal of Limnology. 57(3).
    • Fu, Y., Bhadha, J.H., Rott, P., Beuzelin, J.M,, Kanissery, R. 2020 Investigating the use of aquatic weeds as biopesticides towards promoting sustainable agriculture. PLoS ONE 15(8): e0237258.
    • Duersch, B., Bhadha, J.H., Root, T.L., Louda, W.L. 2020. The role of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in sequestering phosphorus compounds and trace elements: Speciation and dynamics. Science of the Total Environment.
    • Capasso, J., Bhadha, J.H., Lang, T.A., Bacon, A. 2020. Effect of introduced flow and aquatic vegetation on phosphorus loads of agricultural drainage. Water, Air, & Soil
    • Capasso, J., Bhadha, J.H., ​Bacon, A., Vardanyan, L., Khatiwada, R., Pachon, J., Clark, M., Lang, T.A. 2020. Influence of flow on phosphorus-dynamics and particle size in agricultural drainage ditch sediments. PLOS ONE.
    • Jennewein, S.P., Bhadha, J.H., Lang, T.A., McCray, J.M., Singh, M.P., Cooper, J., Daroub, S.H., 2019. Impacts of flooding, nitrogen-fertilization, and soil-depths on sugarcane nutrients grown on Histosols. Journal of Plant Nutrition.
    • Alvarado, J.S., McCray, M.J., Erickson, J.E., Sandhu, H.S., Bhadha, J.H. 2019. Sugarcane biomass yield response to phosphorus fertilizer on four mineral soils as related to extractable soil phosphorus. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis.​
    • Xu, N., Bhadha, J.H., Rabbany, A., Swanson, A. 2019. ​Soil health assessment of two regenerative farming practices on sandy soils. Sustainable Agriculture Research Journal. 8: 61-71. doi:10.5539/sar.v8n4p61​
    • Bhadha, J.H., Khatiwada, R., Tootoonchi, M., Capasso, J. 2019. Interpreting redox potential (Eh) and diffusive fluxes of phosphorus (P) and nitrate (NO3-) from commercial rice grown on histosols. Paddy and Water Environment.
    • Cherry, R., and Bhadha, J.H. 2019. Response of sugarcane wireworms (Coleoptera: Elateridea) and white grubs (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) to ethanol in soils. Journal of Entomological Science. 54: 54-61.​
    • Zhang, Z., Wang, J.J., Lyu, X., Jiang, M., Bhadha, J.H., Wright, A. 2019. Impacts of land-use change on soil organic matter chemistry in the Everglades, Florida - a characterization with pyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Geoderma. 338: 393-400.
    • Bhadha, J.H., Khatiwada, R., Galindo, S., Xu, N., Capasso, J. 2018. Evidence of soil health benefits of flooded rice compared to fallow practice. Sustainable Agriculture Research. 7: 31-41. doi:10.5539/sar.v7n4p31
    • Tootoonchi, M., Bhadha, J.H., Lang, T.A., McCray, M., Clark, M.W., Dauroub, S.H. 2018. Reducing drainage water phosphorus concentration with rice cultivation under different water management regimes. Agricultural Water Management. 205: 30-37.
    • Orndorff, S.G., Lang, T.A., Bhadha, J.H.,  McCray, M.J., Daroub, S.H. 2018. Sugarcane by-products used as soil amendments on sandy soil: Effects on sugarcane crop nutrition and yield. Journal of Plant Nutrition.
    • Alvarez O., Lang, T.A., Bhadha, J.H., McCray, M.J., Glaz, B., Daroub, S.H. 2018. Biochar and mill ash improve yields of sugarcane on sandy soil in Florida. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. 253: 112-130.
    • Bhadha, J.H., and Schroeder, B.L. 2017. Best Management Practices for maintaining water quality in sugarcane cultivation. Chapter In (Ed. Rott, P.), Achieving Sustainable Cultivation of Sugarcane Volume 1: Cultivation techniques, quality and sustainability. Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, Cambridge, UK. ISBN: 978-1-78676-144-6.
    • Bhadha, J.H., Sexton, A., Lang, T.A., Daroub, S.H. 2017. Capturing flow-weighted water and suspended particulates from agricultural canals during drainage events. Journal of Visualized Experiments. 129: 1-6. doi:10.3791/56088.

  • Cont. Select Publications
    • Bhadha, J.H., Capasso, J.M., Khatiwada, R., Swanson,  S., LaBorde, C. 2017. Raising Soil Organic Matter Content to Improve Water Holding Capacity. University of Florida IFAS EDIS Publication# SL447.
    • Bhadha, J.H., Jennewein, S., Khatiwada, R. 2017. Phosphorus Sorption Behavior of Torrefied Agricultural Byproducts Under Sonicated Versus Non-sonicated Conditions. Sustainable Agriculture Research. 6: 1-11.
    • Bhadha, J.H., Capasso, J., Schindelbeck, R., Bacon, A. 2017. Tools for Evaluating Soil Health. University of Florida IFAS EDIS Publication# SL443. 
    • Bhadha, J.H., Lang, T.A., Daroub, S.H. 2017. Influence of suspended particulates on phosphorus loading exported from farm drainage during a storm event in the Everglades Agricultural Area. Journal of Soils and Sediments. 17: 240-252.
    • Bhadha, J.H., Trotta, L., VanWeelden, M. 2016. Trends in Rice Production and Varieties in the Everglades Agricultural Area. University of Florida IFAS EDIS Publication# SL439.
    • Bhadha J.H., Alvarez O., Lang, T.A., Giurcanu M.C., Daroub S.H. 2016. Growth efficacy of sorghum and rice amended with dried versus composted aquatic vegetation. Sustainable Agriculture Research. 5: 92-102.
    • Bhadha J.H., and VanWeelden M. 2016. Arsenic Accumulation in Rice (Oryza sativa): An Overview. International Journal of Environmental & Agriculture Research. 2: 72-75.
    • Cherry, R., Tootoomchi, M., Bhadha, J.H., Lang, T.A., Karounos, M., Daroub, S.H. 2015. Effect of Flood Depth on Rice water Weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Populations in Florida Rice Fields. Journal of Entomological Science. 50: 311-317.
    • Lang, T.A., Daroub, S.H., Lentini, R.S., Bhadha, J.H. 2015. Water Management for Florida Sugarcane Production. University of Florida IFAS EDIS Publication# SSAGR231.
    • Gomez, S.M., Lang, T.A., Bhadha, J.H., McCray, J.M., Daroub, S.H., Giurcanu, M.C. 2015. Sugarcane responses to agricultural by-products applied to sandy soil in south Florida. Agronomy Journal. (Under Review).
    • Bhadha, J.H., Lang, T.A., Gomez, S.M., Daroub, S.H., Giurcanu, M.C. 2015. Effect of aquatic vegetation on phosphorus loads in the Everglades Agricultural Area. Journal of Aquatic Plant Management. 53: 44-53.
    • Bhadha, J.H., Jennewein, S., Sanchez, J., Lang, T. 2014. Producing Biochar using a custom designed Top-lit Updraft (TLUD) gasifier. University of Florida IFAS EDIS Publication# SL413.
    • Bhadha, J.H., Lang, T.A., Daroub, S.H. 2014. Seasonal delivery of organic matter and metals to farm canals: effect on sediment phosphorus storage capacity. Journal of Soils and Sediments. 14: 991-1003 doi: 10.1007/s11368-013-0832-x.
    • Bhadha, J.H., Lang, T.A., Alvarez, O.M., Giurcanu, M.C., Johnson, J.V., Odero, D.C., Daroub, S.H. 2014. Allelopathic Effects of Pistia stratiotes (Araceae) and Lyngbya wollei Farlow ex Gomont (Oscillariaceae) on Seed Germination and Root Growth. Sustainable Agriculture Research. 3: 121-130. doi 10.5539/sar.v3n4p121.
    • Rice, R., Bhadha. J.H., Lang, T.A., Daroub S., Baucum, L. 2013. Farm-Level Phosphorus-Reduction Best Management Practices in the Everglades Agricultural Area. Florida State Horticultural Society. Annual Proceeding. NR-3.
    • Bhadha, J.H. 2012. Isolated wetlands within the Lake Okeechobee drainage basin of Florida: source and sink of phosphorus. Chapter In (Eds. Baranyai, A. & Benkô, D.), Wetlands: Ecology, Management and Conservation. Nova Science Publishers. NJ.
    • Das, J., Daroub, S. H., Bhadha, J.H., Lang,T. A., Josan, M.S. 2012. Phosphorus release and equilibrium dynamics of canal sediments within the Everglades Agricultural Area, Florida. Water Air Soil Pollution. 223: 2865-2879.
    • Bhadha, J. H., Daroub, S. H., Lang, T. A. 2012. Effect of kinetic control, soil:solution ratio, electrolyte cation, and others, on equilibrium phosphorus concentration. Geoderma. 173-174: 209-214.
    • Das, J., Daroub, S. H., Bhadha, J.H., Lang,T. A., Diaz, O., Harris, W. 2011. Physicochemical assessment of main and farm canal sediments within the Everglades Agricultural Area, Florida. Journal of Soils and Sediments. 12: 952-965.
    • Miller, M., Bhadha, J. H., O’Connor, G. A., Jawitz, J. W., Mitchell, J. 2011. Aluminum water treatment residuals as permeable reactive barrier sorbents to reduce phosphorus losses. Chemosphere. 83: 978-983.
    • Bhadha, J. H., Jawitz, J. W., Min, J-H. 2010. Phosphorus mass balance and internal load in an impacted subtropical isolated wetland. Water Air and Soil Pollution. 218: 619-632.
    • Bhadha, J. H., Harris, W. G., Jawitz, J. W. 2010. Soil Phosphorus Release and Storage Capacity from an Impacted Subtropical Wetland. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 74: 1816-1825.
    • Bhadha, J. H.,and Jawitz, J. W. 2010. Characterizing deep soils from an impacted subtropical isolated wetland: Implications for phosphorus storage. Journal of Soils and Sediments. 10: 514-525.
    • Bhadha, J. H., Schmidt, C., Rooney, R., Indeglia, P., Kertesz, R., Bevc, E., Sansalone, J. J. 2009. Granulometric and metal distributions for post-Katrina surficial particulate matter recovered from New Orleans. Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 45: 1434-1447.
    • Bhadha, J. H., and Jawitz, J. W. 2008. The coastal dune lakes of Florida: Trends in Water quality and changing land-use practices. Water Resources IMPACT. 10: 15-18.
    • Bhadha, J. H., Martin, J., B., Jaeger, J., Lindenberg, M., Cable, J., E. 2007. Surface and pore water mixing in estuaries: implications for nutrient and Si cycling. Journal of Coastal Research. 23: 878-891.
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