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Students may be interested in the Combination Degree program offered by the Department of Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences. This program was created by the University to provide academically talented students an opportunity to complete a bachelor's and a master's degree in a shorter period of time. This program allows students to double-count graduate courses for both degrees, thus reducing the time it would normally take by a semester or more. Most combination degree programs produce savings of up to 12 semester hours. For more information see the Undergraduate Catalog or print the Combination Degree Request Form.

Requirements for Combination Degree Seeking Program

  • A student must be a current Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences major or Interdisciplinary Studies: Environmental Management in Agriculture and Natural Resources major.
  • A student should make formal application to the combination degree program either at the end of the junior year or first semester of the senior year. Acceptance to the combination degree program is based on 3.2 GPA.
  • If admitted to combination degree program, a student registers for up to 12 credits of SWS 5000+ level courses in the senior year (classification "4AG").
  • The student makes formal application to UF Graduate School during their senior year. It is very important that the student apply for graduate school for the semester after which the Bachelor's degree will be awarded.  The-two degree programs that constitute a combination degree are expected to be "combined" in time. Combination degree programs are composed of a single contiguous and continuous  set of closely related courses and other academic activities.  A gap of more than two (2) semesters between completing the bachelor's degree and beginning the master's degree is not permitted without an approved petition citing extenuating circumstances. 
  • During the first semester following award of the BS degree, Combination Degree coursework (12 credits, grade B or better) will be transferred to count towards graduate degree, thereby reducing time to complete the Master's by a semester or more.


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