The SWSD extension faculty translate current, relevant soil and water science knowledge into user-friendly formats for Florida residents, visitors, industry, business, governmental agencies and county extension agents. Formats include publications, presentations, in-service trainings, videos and computer software. These emphasize the SWSD's five thrust areas and several of the high-priority initiatives of the UF/IFAS Extension Roadmap, including enhancing and protecting water quality, quantity, and supply; enhancing and conserving Florida's natural resources and environmental quality; and increasing the sustainability, profitability, and competitiveness of agricultural and horticultural enterprises.  

Extension Programs
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Soil and Water Resources
Extension Faculty
NameArea of SpecializationContact

Jehangir Bhadha
Everglades Research and Education Center

Soil, Water & Nutrient Management jango@ufl.edu
(561) 993-1711

Mark Clark
G175A McCarty Hall A

Wetland Ecology clarkmw@ufl.edu
(352) 294-3115

Davie Kadyampakeni
Citrus REC

Citrus Water & Nutrient Management dkadyampakeni@ufl.edu
(863) 956-8843

Yuncong Li
Tropical Research & Education Center

Soil and Water Quality yunli@ufl.edu
(305) 246-6342

Hui Ling (Sunny) Liao
North Florida Research & Education Center

Soil Microbial Ecology sunny.liao@ufl.edu

Cheryl Mackowiak
North Florida Research & Education Center

Nutrient Management and Water Quality echo13@ufl.edu
(850) 875-7126

Kelly Morgan
SW Florida Research & Education Center 

Soil Fertility and Water Management conserv@ufl.edu
(239) 658-3400

Rao Mylavarapu
G171 McCarty Hall A

Soil and Nutrient Management raom@ufl.edu
(352) 294-3113

Laura Reynolds
3165A McCarty Hall A

Coastal Ecology lkreynolds@ufl.edu
(352) 294-3165

Arnold Schumann
Citrus Research and Education Center

Citrus Nutrition schumaw@ufl.edu
(863) 956-1151

Maria Silveira
Range Cattle Research and Education Center

Soil Chemistry and Nutrient Management mlas@ufl.edu
(863) 735-1314

Sarah Strauss
SW Florida Research & Education Center

Soil Microbiology strauss@ufl.edu
(239) 658-3468

Gurpal Toor
Gulf Coast Research & Education Center

Environmental Soil Chemistry and Water Quality gstoor@ufl.edu
(813) 634-0000

Chris Wilson
3167 McCarty Hall A

Environmental Toxicology pcwilson@ufl.edu
(352) 294-3166

Alan Wright
Indian River Research & Education Center 

Soil and Water Quality alwr@ufl.edu
(772) 577-7410