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UF/IFAS scientists host next ‘STEPS’ toward phosphorus sustainability with national think tank in South Florida

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for food security and human survival, and it is an element that cannot be replenished. That is why using...

UF research: Proper grazing-land management can increase soil carbon storage, but more research needed

Soil can store carbon, reducing greenhouse gas concentrations from the atmosphere, and managing grazing lands in the best ways can increase their ability to provide these important ecosystems services. But insufficient research into how to...

Graduate students win regional awards for nutrient management research

Producers know the importance of proper nutrient management for productive crop development. They also know that the right fertilizer in the right amount, place, and time, along with appropriate water management, should have minimal impact on the...

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June 9, 2021, The Free Press, Robots May Eventually Help Kill Weeds That Impede Strawberry Yield
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October 21, 2019, Brevard Business News, NEW UF-led study finds bacterial similarities among diseased coral species (page 10)
October 7, 2019, Citrus Industry News, Graduate Students Play Big Role in Research
August 29, 2019, Science News for Students, Mystery disease is killing Caribbean corals
August 19, 2019, Southeast AgNet Radio Network, UF Student Wins Scholarship to Find Solutions to Seagrass Loss
August 13, 2019, Crestview News Bulletin, It all depends on soil pH
July 24, 2019, Global Engage, Improving Crop Production Through Understanding the Soil Microbiome
July 17, 2019, WUFT, Sandy Soil And Rising Seas Spell Septic Tank Disaster In Florida
July 13, 2019, WINK-TV, UF scientists test SWFL soil to help farmers
July 8, 2019, Southeast AgNet Radio Network, Beneath the Earth, the ‘Black Box’ of Soil Holds a Key to Crop Growth
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May 31, 2019, Florida Alligator, UF researchers use compost to reduce water usage
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January 14, 2018, Gainesville Sun, Study finds nitrates not only problem affecting springs
January 5, 2018, The Apopka Voice, District and UF complete collaborative three-year investigation into Florida springs' health