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Current Seminar Schedule

  • 2004

    Rattan Lal (Ohio State University) (Distinguished Speaker)

    Curtis Richardson (Duke University) (Distinguished Speaker)

    Fred Sklar (South Florida Water Management District) (Distinguished Speaker)

    Michael Miller (Argonne National Laboratory) (Distinguished Speaker)

  • 2003

    Wendell Gilliam (North Carolina State University) (Distinguished Speaker)

    Ronnie Best (US Geological Survey) (Distinguished Speaker)

    Pedro Sanchez (Columbia University) (Distinguished Speaker)

  • 2002

    Eric Roden (University of Alabama) (Distinguished Speaker)

    James T. Morris (University of South Carolina) (Distinguished Speaker)

  • 2001

    Malcolm Sumner (University of Georgia) (Distinguished Speaker)

    M. S. Swaminathan (M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, India) (Distinguished Speaker)

    P. Suresh Rao (Purdue University) (Distinguished Speaker)

  • 2000

    Derek Lovley (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) (Distinguished Speaker)