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Jan. 23, Mark Albrecht, UF Environmental Health & Safety (Invited Speaker Seminar)
Hazardous Waste Management in UF Research Laboratories

Jan. 30, Dr. Fernando Jaramillo (Invited Speaker Seminar)
Human Impacts on the Terrestrial Freshwater System

Feb. 6, Dr. Milko Jorquera (Invited Speaker Seminar)
Plant-Growth Promoting Bacteria from Chilean Extreme Environments

Feb. 13, Andree George (Exit Seminar)
The Ecology of Salmonella Proliferation in Tomatoes

Feb. 20, Dr. Masanori Fujimoto (Invited Speaker Seminar)
Microbe Mediated Ecological Processes in Natural and Engineered Systems

Feb. 27, Nasiru Danmowa (Exit Seminar)
Fate and Transport of Nitrogen Forms, Phosphorus and Pesticides in Soils from Florida and Nigeria

Mar. 13, Katelyn Foster (Exit Seminar)
Nitrogen Export in Watersheds: Exploring NO3- Attenuation in Sandy Soils from a Humid Subtropical Climate

Mar. 13, Dr. Sabine Grunwald (Seminar at OneHealth, OneScience Talks) Presentation Handout
OneHealth, OneScience - Authentic and Mindful Scientific Integration Approaches

Mar. 20, Wade Ross (Exit Seminar)
A Region-Wide Analysis of Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics Across 'The Land of Pines'

Apr. 3, Dr. David Bergvinson (Distinguished Speaker Seminar)
Science of Discover to Science of Delivery - ICRISAT's Approach To Serving Dryland Farmers in Asia and Africa

Apr. 17, Stefan Kalev (Exit Seminar)
Concentrations and Loads of Dissolved and Particulate Organic Carbon in Urban Stormwater Runoff and Pond Outflow Waters

Apr. 27, Dr. Elisa D'Angelo, Associate Professor, Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Kentucky (Invited Speaker Seminar)
Explorations in Biogeochemical Research by a UFSWS Alumna

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Dr. Edward Topp - Principal Research Scientist - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Distinguished Speaker)
Bugs and Drugs: Assessing and Managing Risks to Food and Environmental Quality from Agricultural Use of Organic Amendments

Feb. 11, Samira Daroub
Water Quality & Sustainable Agriculture in the Everglades Agricultural Area

Feb 14, Hubbell Seminar: Dr. Jerald L. Schnoor - Allen S. Henry Chair in Engineering, Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dept of Occupational and Environmental Health, and Co-Director for Global and Regional Environmental Research; Univerity of Iowa (Distinguished Speaker)
Water Sustainability in a Changing World

Feb. 25, Gurpal Toor
Tales of Fate, Transport, and Toxicity of Contaminants

Feb. 25, SPICE
Science Partners in Inquiry-based Collaborative Education

Mar. 11, Maria Silveira
Grazing land Management - Balancing Productivity and Environmental Sustainability

Mar. 18, Zhenli He
Soil and Water Science Program at UF - Indian River Research and Education Center, Fort Pierce

Mar 19, Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology - 2013 Water in the Landscape Distinguished Seminar Series: Dr. Daniel Radcliffe - Professor, Dept of Crop and Soil Science, University of Georgia (Distinguished Speaker)
Field and Watershed Scale Research on Onsite Wastewater Systems

Apr. 1, Rebecca Hellmuth
Nitrogen Mass Budget of a Silage Corn Field at UF's Dairy Unit

Apr. 8, Ben Coppenger
Enhanced Degradation of DDT via Application of Brewery Waste Product

Apr. 15, Jing Guan
Simplified Hydrologic Modeling for Evaluating Surface Water Stage of Historical Isolation Wetlands

Apr. 19, Christopher Adam Weidow
Diversity and Distribution of Aromatic Ring Dioxygenases Among Soil Actinobacteria

Apr. 22, Alan L. Wright
Soil Research & Management in the Everglades

2012 Fall
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2012 Spring
2011 Fall

Aug. 29, David K. Mitchell
Wet Flatwoods Restoration After Decades of Fire Suppression.

Sept 9, Dr. Chris Field - Director of Department of Global Ecology, Carnegie Insitution of Washington, Stanford University (Distinguished Speaker)
Climate Change Science in a Skeptical Era

Dr. William Mitsch - Distinguished Professor of Environment and Natural Resources; Director - Olentangy River Wetland Research Park, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (Distinguished Speaker)
Creating Wetlands: 17 Years of Primary Succession, Water Quality Changes, and Self- Design

Sept. 26, Dr Matt Cohen (Invited Speaker)
Emerging Inference: High Resolution Sensing for Understanding Ecosystems Processes

Oct 3, Dr. Patrick Megonigal - Biogeochemist; Smithsonian Environmental Research Center - Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (Distinguished Speaker)
Global Change Impacts on Wetland Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise

Oct. 10, Jason M. Neumann
Influences of Hydroperiod on Plant Community Composition and Forage

Oct. 24, Dr. Jawwad A. Qureshi
Integrated Management of Asian Citrus Psyllid, Vector of Huanglongbing/Citrus Greening Disease

Nov. 7, Casey Schmidt
Denitrification Bioremediation:Ameliorating excessive N loading by putting microbes to work

Nov. 14, Beznjamin Hogue
Effect of Fire on Phosphorus Biogeochemistry in a Subtropical Calcareous Wetland

Nov. 21, Julia H. Maki
Vegetation as an Indicator of Pasture and Wetland Condition on a South Florida Ranchland

Dec. 2, Julie Padowski (Exit Seminar)
The Complexity of Urban Water Resources Management: Water Availability and Vulnerability for Large Cities in the United States

2011 Summer
2011 Spring

Jan. 10, Max Teplitski (Invited Speaker)
Microbial Ecology

Feb. 11, Max Agrios
How Does an Oil Spill Kill Plants?

Feb. 11, Risham Sidhu
Antibacterial Properties of Spices: Myth or Reality?

Feb. 11, Alvin Wang
Design, Production and Properties of rASS Therapeutic Forms

Mar. 4, Kanika Inglett (Invited Speaker)
Small Processes Big Consequences

Mar. 14, Sabine Grunwald (Invited Speaker)
Soil-Landscape Modeling at the Nexus of the Anthropocene

Mar. 18, Luke W. Gommermann
The Influence of Subaqueous Soils on the Subtropical Seagrass HALODULE WRIGHTII

Mar. 25, Rajendra Paudel
Spatio-Temporal Mechanistic Modeling of Hydrodynamic, Transport, and Phosphorus Cycling Processes in Large-Scale Constructed Treatment Wetlands

Mar. 28, James Bonczek (Invited Speaker)
Gen X, Gen y, and Gen ED

Apr. 7, Hiral Gohil
Optimization of Anoxic Biodegradation of DDT, DDD, and DDE (DDx) in Lake Appopka Soils

Apr. 8, Manmeet Waria
Fate, Transport, and Risk Assessment of Biosolids-borne Triclosan (TCS)

Apr. 11, Cheryl Mackowiak (Invited Speaker)
Enhancing Soil and Water Quality with Forage-based Agriculture

Apr. 18, Carolina Medina
Method Development to Characterize Nutrient Release Patterns of Enhanced-Efficiency Fertilizers

Apr. 20, Rupesh Bhomia & Daniel Irick

Apr. 20, Jared Sweat & Luke Gommermann

Apr. 20, Julia Maki & Julie Padowski

Apr. 20, Neal Berry & Piyasa Ghosh

Apr. 20, Wade Ross, Xiaolin Liao, Casey Schmidt

Apr. 20, Ben Hogue Manmeet Waria

Apr. 25, Mark W. Clark (Invited Speaker)
Numeric Nutrient Criteria for Florida: What are they and how did they come about?

2010 Fall
2010 Summer
2010 Spring

Jan. 15, Moshe Doron
Aquatic Nitrogen Fixation: Rates, Patterns and Controls in a Shallow, Subtropical Lake

Jan. 22, Dr. Rafael Munoz-Carpena
Predicting Runoff Pesticide Reduction with Vegetative Filter Strips: Factor Importance, Uncertainty, and Regulatory Opportunities

Jan. 29, Andy Zimmerman 
Black Carbon in the Environment: Dirty Stories & Dark Ambitions

Feb 5, Dr. Binayak P. Mohanty, Professor, Dept of Rangeland Ecology and Management & Dept of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Texas A& M (Distinguished Speaker)
Scaling, Physical Controls, and Effective Parameters in Multi‐Scale Soil Hydrology – Current Understanding and Future Opportunities!

Feb. 26, Sylvia Lang 
Green Roofs as an Urban Stormwater BMP of Water Quantity and Quality in the Subtropics and Mid-Atlantic

Mar. 26, Allie Sourakov
Mechanisms of Foraging in Butterflies

Mar. 26, Mona Oli
Aptamer-Conjugated Gold Nanorods for Targeted Nanothermal Radiation of Glioblastoma Cancer Cells

Apr. 2, Certificates

Apr. 2, Rupa Bose 
The Effect of Decaying Plant Leachants on Groundwater Activity

Apr. 2, Joshua Hall 
How to Kill a Mimosa Tree

Apr. 2,Vanessa Kizza George 
Why do Divalent Catiins of equal consentration Flocculate Clay Particles in Suspension Differently

Apr. 2, Hope Pan 
The Effects of Vitamin Suppuly and SOD Gene on the Lifespan of Drosophila Melanogaster

Apr. 9, Augustine K. Obour 
Agronomic and Environmental Impacts of Phosphorus Fertilization of Low Input Bahiagrass Pastures in Florida

Dr. Jorge Gardea-Torresdey - Chairman, Dept of Chemistry, Dudley Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science and Engineering, Universtity of Texas at El Paso (Distinguished Speaker)
Toxicity & Biotransformation of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles in Terrestrial Plants

Apr 15, David Hubbell Seminar: Dr. Johan Bouma - Emeritus Professor of Soil Science, Wageningen University, The Netherlands (Distinguished Speaker)
The Role of Soil Science in Sustainability Studies

Apr. 16, A. W Cheesman
Biogenic Phosphorus in Wetlands: Source ans Stabilization

2009 Fall
2009 Summer
2009 Spring

Feb. 6, Dr. Barbara S. Lollar - University of Toronto (Distinguished Speaker)
Tracing Contaminant Source and Fate in Groundwater using Carbon Specific Isotope Analysis

Dr. Jared Diamond - Geography, UCLA, Pulitzer Prize-winning author (Distinguished Speaker)
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

Feb. 13, Dr. M. Swisher (Invited Speaker)
The National Organic Program

Feb. 20, Lauren A. Serra 
Identifying Suitable Areas for the Re-establishment of South Florida Slash Pine in the Hole-in-the-Donut

Feb. 27, Michael Miyittah 
Tailoring/Adapting Application of Sorrents For P Immobilization: Energetics & Simulation Modeling

Mar. 6, Shawna Loper 
Effect of Tillage and Organic Amendments on Soils Properties, nutrient Losses, and Plant Growth in Residential Landscapes

Mar. 20, Kirandeep Mann 
Characterization and Amelioration of Yield-limiting Soil Variability in Florida Citrus Production

Mar. 27, Melissa R. Martin
A Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation of the Invasion and Management of Melaleuca quinquenervia

Apr. 3, Laura Waldo
Soil Moisture Spatial Variability Under Florida Ridge Citrus Tree Canopies and Identifying Alternative Methods of Scheduling Irrigation Based on Tree Canopy Stress

Apr. 10, Liz Hodges Snyder 
Fate, Transport, and Risk of Biosolids-Borne Tricolocarbon

Apr. 17, Mary K Maddox 
Evaluation of Cattle Supplements and Nitrogen in Two Winter Pasture Systems

Apr. 20, Ashok Alva - USDA ARS (Distinguished Speaker)
An Orverview of ARS, Prosser Accomplishments - Soil Water Monitoring as Basis for Developing Irrigation BMP's

2008 Fall
2008 Summer
2008 Spring
2007 Fall

Aug. 31, Walter Bowen
A Win-Win Technology for Farmers and the Environment

Sept. 7, Caitlin E. Hicks
Sediment Organic Carbon Pools and Sources in a Recently Constructed Mangrove and Seagrass Ecosystem

Sept. 21, Jason Hood
Dissolved Oxygen as Related to Minimum Flows and Levels

Sept. 28, Angelique M. Keppler
Investigating Re-Vegetation Patterns, Nutrient Limitations, and Storage of Nitrogen as Determinants of Restoration Success

Oct. 5, Matt Fisher
Biogeochemical Transformations Of Phosphorus in Wetland Soil

Oct. 12, Subodh Acharya
Subsurface Lateral Water Flow in Seepage Irrigated Potato Fields of Tri-County Agricultural Area, Northeast Florida

Oct. 19, Isabela Claret Torres
Linkage between Biogeochemical Properties and Microbial Activities in Lake Sediments: Biotic Control of Organic Phosphorus Dynamics.

Nov. 9, Augustine Muwamba
Determination of Aqueous Soil Sorption Coefficient(Koc) of Strongly Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals(SHOC3) Using Mixed Solvent Systems and the Solvophobic Model

Nov. 19, Lalitha Janardhanan
Phosphorus Sorption by Soils of the Everglades Agricultural Area

Nov. 26, Gabriel Kasozi
Characterization of Sorption and Degradation of Pesticides in Carbonatic and Associated Soils from South Florida and Puerto Rico, and Oxisols from Uganda

Nov. 30, David Hornsby
Distribution & Occurrence of Nitrate- Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus in the Water Resources of the Suwannee River Water Management District

Dec. 3, Julie L. Driscoll
The Effects of an Al-WTR on Soil Phosphorus Retention and Forage Yield and Quality

2007 Summer
2007 Spring

Jan. 26, Adrienne Frisbee 
Nitrate-Nitrogen Dynamics in Tributaries of the Santa Fe River Watershed, North-Central Florida

Feb. 2, Lauren Serra 
Jumpstarting Pinus elliottii var. densa reestablishment in the Hole-in-the-Donut Restoration Area: A historical evaluation and influence of hydroperiod on pine germination and survival.

Feb. 9, Sarah Chinault 
An Agronomic and Environmental Characterization of Phosphorus in Biosolids Produced and/or Marketed in Florida

Feb. 16, Thomas J. Saunders 
Spatial Trends in Water Quality of the Ecuadorian Amazon: Human Influences and Natural Buffering

Feb. 23, Tiffany Kapner 
Analysis of the Spatial Relationships between Physico-Chemical Soil Properties and Vegatative Patterns in Everglades Water Conservation Area 1

Mar. 2, Cecilia Kennedy 
Characterization of Urban Roadway Sediments and Possible Effects on Downstream Soil Phosphorus Sorption Capacity

Mar. 9, Lynette Malecki Brown 
Effects of Alum in a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Wetland

Mar. 21, Behzad Mortazavi 
The Response of Biogeochemical Cycles to Climate Change and to Anthropogenic Forcing

Mar. 23, Kirandeep Mann 
Characterization and Amelioration of Citrus Production Problems on Excessively Drained Florida Soils

Mar. 27, Patrick W. Inglett 
Coupled Biogeochemical Cycles in Wetlands and Aquatic Systems: Past, Present and Future?

Apr. 6, Jehangir H. Bhadha 
Pore Water Transport Mechanisms and Soil Diagnesis in Isolated Wetlands: Implications for Internal Nutrient Loading.

Apr. 9, Karrie A. Weber 
Coupled Biogeochemical Cycles: The Role of Nitrate in Metal Cycling

Apr. 9, Min Liu 
St. Augustinegrass Phosphorus Requirement

Apr. 13, Andrea Albertin. 
Nutrient Dynamics in Florida Springs and Relationships to Algal Blooms

Apr. 20, Victoria M. Gardner 
Heavy Metal Contamination of Soils in an Ecologically Enhanced Urban Stormwater Retention Basin

Apr. 23, Christopher P Chilton 
Investigating Agchaeological Sites, Cemeteries and Soils with Ground-Penetrating Radar in Florida

2006 Fall

Sept. 8, Liesbeth M. Schmidt
Characterization & Evaluation of Biodegradation Potential of Pentachlorophenol-metabolizing Bacteria Isolated from a Contaminated Shallow Aquifer at a Former Wood Treatment Facility

Sept. 22, Michael Tischler 
Life After UF

Sept. 29, Deoyani V. Sarkhot 
What does Soil Carbon in Forested Sandy Soil Look Like: Is it Manageable?

Oct. 13, Travis C. Richardson 
Characterization of Sandhill Lake Soils: In support of St. Johns River Water Management District's Minimum Flows and Levels Program

Oct. 16, H. Carl Fitz 
Integrated Ecosystem Processes in the Everglades Landscape

Oct. 20, Manohardeep Josan 
Manure-component Effects on P Release from Manure-amended Sandy Soils

Oct. 27, Joaquin Jimenez 
Nitrate and Phosphotate Concentrations in Leachate Samples from Three Different Substrates Used to Grow Impatiens

Oct. 30, Kelly Fischler
Obeservations and Characterizations of Seagrasses and Subaqueous Soils in a Recently Constructed Habitat, Indian River Lagoon, FL

Nov. 3, Darren Bishop 
Soil Characteristics in Created or Restored Wetlands: A Review

Nov. 6, Olawale Oladeji 
Management of P-Sources and Water Treatment Residuals (WTR) for Environmental and Agronomic Benefits

Nov. 27, Marty Anderson 
Where is the Algae in the Fountain of Youth?

Dec. 1, Claudia Arrieta 
Soil Compaction and Goosegrass Infesation in Bermudagrass Turf

Dec. 6, Sara Chinault 
5 Points I learned from Seminars

Dec. 6, Josan Manhardeep 
5 Points I learned from Seminars

Dec. 6, Jaya Das 
5 Points I learned from Seminars

Dec. 6, Andrea Albertin 
5 Points I learned from Seminars

Dec. 6, Wale Oladeji 
5 Points I learned from Seminars

Dec. 6, Marty Anderson
5 Points I learned from Seminars

Dec. 6, Sam Agyin-Birikorang 
5 Points I learned from Seminars

Dec. 6, Lynette Brown 
5 Points I learned from Seminars

Dec. 8, Geoffery Kironchi 
Soil and Water Management for Sustainable Agriculture in Drought Prone Areas in Kenya: A Case Study of the Upper Ewaso Ngi'ro Basin

2006 Summer
2006 Spring

Jan. 20, Max Teplitski 
Who Listens When Microbes Talk?

Feb. 10, Kelly Hamilton 
Passive Nutrient Flux Meters for Determination of Phosphorus Flux in Groundwater: Application in Lake Okeechobee Basin, FL.

Feb. 24, Angelique Keppler 
Macrophyte Diversity and its Relationship to Biomass Production, Nutrient-Use Efficiency and Nitrogen Cycling in Restored Wetlands

Mar. 3, Kanika Sharma 
Biogeochemical & Microbial Succession in Early Development of Calcareous Wetland Soils

Mar. 10, Melissa Martin
Alteration of Ecosystem Nutrient Pools and Soil Microbial Communities After Invasion of an Exotic Plant

Mar. 20, Scot Hagerthey 
The importance of perspective and context when assessing ecological impacts

Mar. 24, Qin Lu 
Imporving the Quality of Sandy Soils with Biosolids

Mar. 27, Kyle Dorsey 
Water Quality of Gainesville Creeks and its Relationship to Nearby Land Use

Mar. 27, Ajit Vakharia 
To Sanitize or Not to Sanitize: To Clean or TOO Clean

Mar. 27, Catherine R. Turner 
Which Antiseptic is Most Effective against Bacteria?

Mar. 27, Jennifer F. N. Kizza 
The Effect of Cation Charge and Concentration on the Flocculation of Negatively Charged Clay particles in Suspension

Mar. 27, Gene B. Rodrick 
Effect of Gamma Irradiation on the Bacterial Content and Shelf Life of Raw Oysters

Mar. 31, Lauren Parkel 
Establishing Stormwater Ponds as a Habitat for Native Species

Apr. 3, Samira Daroub 
Best Management Practices in the Everglades Agricultural Area: A Success Story

Apr. 7, Carolina Medina 
Nutrient Release Patterns of Coated Fertilizers used for Citrus Production and their Effect on Fruit Yield and Foliar Nutrition

Apr. 10, Dara Park 
Nitrogen leaching and St. Augustinegrass turf response to lawn maintenance strategies

Apr. 14, Caroline B. R. Hamilton 
Evaluation & Characterization of Organic Waste Products as Nutritional Sources for Bahiagrass

Apr. 21, Maria Silva Gonzaga 
Effects of Soils and Plant on Arsenic Accumulation by Arsenic Hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata

Apr. 26, Spring '06 Seminar End-Notes 
Students of the Spring '06 Seminar class giving quick presentations of what they have learned throughout the semester.

2005 Fall
2005 Summer

Rattan Lal (Ohio State University) (Distinguished Speaker)

Curtis Richardson (Duke University) (Distinguished Speaker)

Fred Sklar (South Florida Water Management District) (Distinguished Speaker)

Michael Miller (Argonne National Laboratory) (Distinguished Speaker)


Wendell Gilliam (North Carolina State University) (Distinguished Speaker)

Ronnie Best (US Geological Survey) (Distinguished Speaker)

Pedro Sanchez (Columbia University) (Distinguished Speaker)


Eric Roden (University of Alabama) (Distinguished Speaker)

James T. Morris (University of South Carolina) (Distinguished Speaker)


Malcolm Sumner (University of Georgia) (Distinguished Speaker)

M. S. Swaminathan (M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, India) (Distinguished Speaker)

P. Suresh Rao (Purdue University) (Distinguished Speaker)


Derek Lovley (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) (Distinguished Speaker)

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