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Module 2: How Florida Soils Interact with Phosphorus


Lecture 1: Overview of Florida soils and their distribution

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Provides an overview of Florida soil morphology, of Florida soil types and distribution, and of how soil morphology gives clues to P dynamics.



Lecture 2: P dynamics as related to soil morphology and composition I

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Describes the morphological cues to processes affecting distribution of soil components, explains P-retaining components and their distributions, and discusses the value and limitations of soil taxonomy in predicting P loss risks.



Lecture 3: P dynamics as related to soil morphology and composition II

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Explains phosphate bonding mechanisms, how soil components interact with P, P affinity of soil components, and how component distribution affects P dynamics.



Lecture 4: Soil & hydrologic factors affecting P transport

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Describes P transport in soil and how distribution of soil components in conjunction with drainage influences P transport.



Lecture 5: Risk-assessment implications of manure-amended, fertilizer-amended, and naturally-phosphatic soils 

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Explains the nature of naturally-phosphatic soils and how the form of P makes a difference in its potential fate.

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