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J. B. Sartain

Professor Emeritus, Soil Fertility & Turfgrass Nutrition

Program Areas

  • Courses Taught
    • SOS 4116/5116 - Environmental Nutrient Management
    • SOS 6136 - Soil Fertility
  • Research

    Departmental Research Areas:

    • Management of Nutrients, Pesticides, and Wastes

    Research focus:
    Researches evaluation of the nutritional and soil fertility requirements of turfgrasses and the establishment of best management practices for turfgrass production. Evaluates environmental impact of plant nutrient sources and management practices on turfgrass management. Now studying correlation of growth and quality responses of turfgrass with soil fertility and tissue nutritional levels.


  • Selected Publications
    • Sartain, J.B., W.L. Hall, Jr., R.C. Littell, and E.W. Hopwood. 2004. New tools for the analysis and characterization of slow_release fertilizers. Am. Chem. Soc. Symposium Series 872:180_195.
    • Sartain, J.B. and J. Comer. 2004. Influence of soil amendments on water_use efficiency, bermudagrass growth, and nutrient leaching. FL. Turf Digest 21:(3)8_11.
    • Sartain, J.B. and J. Kruse. 2005. Influence of cultivation, top dressing and N rate on growth and quality of bermuda ultradwarfts. FL. Turf Digest 22:(3)8_11.
    • Sartain, J.B. and T.W. Shaddox. 2005. Water use efficiency and growth of bermudagrass in the field as influenced by soil amendments . FL. Turf Digest 22(5):24_26.

Jerry Sartain