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We research and teach about soil, water, and environmental sciences in urban, agricultural, and natural ecosystems. As a university of Florida department within the institute of food and agricultural sciences and the college of agricultural and life sciences, we offer degree, certificate, and extension programs on campus and online. Since our origins, more than 100 years ago, we have made significant contributions to improving the productivity of Florida’s agriculture, helping protect the state's unique ecosystems, and contributing to soil and water science at national and international levels.

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What can you do with this degree?

Often a prospective student or stakeholder asks, what can you do with a degree in soil and water sciences or interdisciplinary studies: environmental management in agriculture and natural resources (IS-EMANR). The quick answer is a lot. Depending on the focus of your elective courses, your minor, your internship(s), and your extracurriculars, the possibilities are too numerous to list. One example is Katharine Frey (

Graduate student examines nitrogen release dynamics, potential soil health benefits of cover crops

Precious Nyabami, a master's student in the UF/IFAS department of soil, water, and ecosystem sciences, is studying cover crops’ impact on soil health and nutrient management. The focus is on nitrogen (N). She wants to understand N release in the soil under different combinations of cover crops. Her research questions are: What are the effects of different cover crop mixtures on nitrogen release – do they hold N or make N release