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Graduates' mortarboards with one showing

Congratulations, Graduates!

Master of Science: (Advisors in parentheses)
Jill Allen (Dr. Wright), Natalie Carter (Dr. Osborne), Katherine Collins (Dr. Strauss), Kristen Deason (Dr. Deitch), Bridgette Hattle (Dr. Lin), Catalina McEachern (Dr. Osborne), Kayleen Meinen (Dr. Fujimoto), Holly Parnell (Dr. Liao), Landon Reigelman (Dr. Smidt), Alexandra Rieman (Dr. Lusk), Devon Rutledge (Dr. Kadyampakeni), John “Jack” Upchurch (Dr. Morgan)

Bachelor of Science: Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences (Advisors: Dr. Bonczek & Mr. Sisk)
Ayla Freeman, water science specialization; Eric Lewis, soil science specialization; J.P. Prescott, soil science specialization; Annabel Schreiber, water science specialization

Bachelor of Science: Interdisciplinary Studies-Environmental Management in Agriculture & Natural Resources (Advisors: Dr. Enloe & Mr. Sisk)
Patricia Cruz, Ruddy Ditch, Tiffany Duke, Elizabeth Fitch, Lauren Geiss, Sacha Glynn, Rebecca Mangum, Henry Hoersting, Facundo Barco Papasidero, Maria Reyes, Diana Rodriguez, Jessica Salter, Benjamin Shealey, Angelica Sandulescu, Rebekah Warrick

Graduate Minor: Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences
Micah Dettweiler, John Powers

Undergraduate Minor: Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences
Duane Hardy, Ava Meena, Autumn Reeves

Undergraduate Minor: Soil and Water Sciences
Maximus Chou, Jennifer DuBose, Hayden Henke, Rita Hippe, Nicholas Steffen, Ashley Toso

We research and teach about soil, water, and environmental sciences in urban, agricultural, and natural ecosystems. As a university of Florida department within the institute of food and agricultural sciences and the college of agricultural and life sciences, we offer degree, certificate, and extension programs on campus and online. Since our origins, more than 100 years ago, we have made significant contributions to improving the productivity of Florida’s agriculture, helping protect the state's unique ecosystems, and contributing to soil and water science at national and international levels.


UF/IFAS scientists host next ‘STEPS’ toward phosphorus sustainability with national think tank in South Florida

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for food security and human survival, and it is an element that cannot be replenished. That is why using phosphorus efficiently is essential and the focus of a national research effort led by leading scientists across the country to promote phosphorous sustainability. University of Florida scientists

UF research: Proper grazing-land management can increase soil carbon storage, but more research needed

Soil can store carbon, reducing greenhouse gas concentrations from the atmosphere, and managing grazing lands in the best ways can increase their ability to provide these important ecosystems services. But insufficient research into how to better sequester carbon can lead to misinformation for ranchers, new University of Florida research shows. In her review of

UF/IFAS scientists launch landscape water use survey to enhance water conservation efforts, programs statewide

Looking for ways to help save on your household water bill? Wondering how often to irrigate the lawn? Perhaps you are looking at the use of technologies that will help you gauge when and how often to irrigate. A team of University of Florida researchers at the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) has released the Landscape Water Use Survey, which is aimed at